July 2011 Goals Reviewed


I have been craving couscous in a crazy way. Is that weird? Good. Because it goes along with all my other weird characteristics. For dinner I made a massive bowl of couscous, chickpeas, green onions and a made-up sauce (it involves hummus, almonds and tons of salt). It was amazing. It’s July 31st. This month completely raced by for me! I guess I should review my July Goals… … [Read more...]

California Burrito


This morning I woke up to my traditional Sunday breakfast, pancakes This batch came out perfect too! They were thick and fluffy – just like I like it I offered some to Vegas, but he wasn’t interested. Fine. More for me. I had to work this morning and decided to stay for Zumba. Post-class snack was a plum. Then, Ben and I headed to my family’s house. My mom, dad and … [Read more...]

Christmas In July and Sparkling Water Supply


My eats on long run days are always really “off”. I feel empty, but not exactly hungry. I want to eat, but nothing sounds like exactly what I want. It’s weird. (But, tomorrow I’ll wake up starving!) I made Ben a quesadilla for lunch and ended up stealing 1/4 of it. It was big. Plus some chips and salsa Ole. A few hours later I polished off the eggplant and tofu stir-fry I … [Read more...]

17 Mile Training Run


Another Long Run is done! Thank you Jesus This morning I fueled up with nut butter toast and iced coffee. Then, I packed up my gatorade and Gu and get ready to go! Great news = my Garmin started working again by some miracle this morning!!! So glad I checked on it. 17 Miles in 2:29:49 Average Pace 8:56 Mile 1: 8:46 Mile 2: 8:37 Mile 3: 8:36 Mile 4: 8:37 Mile … [Read more...]

Eat Before Running (and then eat again after)


This afternoon I hung out with my mom and she practically insisted we get iced coffees. I swear. <insert watermelon and Clif Z bar here> I was pretty munchy today and knew I needed a high volume kinda snack. This means different things on different days. Today it meant a whole bag of popcorn all for me. I leave no kernel unpopped or uneaten. Food Find – The new Extra … [Read more...]

Foot Herpes


Back on June 23rd I complained that there was something in my foot. It didn’t go away so I went to the doctor on July 8th. She said it was probably a splinter and to try and soak it again and pick it out. It didn’t work. So, I went back again today. She warned me that if she had to cut it out it would be very painful and I would potentially scream in bloody murder and scare … [Read more...]

Dead Garmin 305


This morning I went to strap on my Garmin for a 6 mile MP run but it was dead. After freaking out on Ben, Twitter and considering driving to the nearest bridge to jump – I went for my run realizing pace would be a mystery today. I did my go-to 6 mile route and it was no problem. Boo.bMy run was decent considering I started off feeling down. I just need to figure out what to do … [Read more...]

Headache Medicine


This afternoon I got a random headache at work. This is a no-go for my job so I needed a pick-me-up. I got an iced coffee and hoped for the best. Nope. It didn’t help. I had 3 more clients before I could call it a night. I finally got home it was after 9pm and my headache was still raging. Luckily, Ben’s mom sent cookies! I took 2 ibuprofens and 4 cookies. … [Read more...]

Butter on My Face


I took a little walk with my new book mid-morning. I’m just a few pages in, but love it so far! Then, I rehydrated with water (melon). I’ve been hungry for lunch earlier these last few days so I just went with it. I also prepped dinner. Ben’s obsessed with eggplant lately so I picked two up at the store thinking I’d made a tofu stir-fry. But, my schedule didn’t have room … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday: Cool Down


Today is a “rest” day for Marathon Training (read: No Run) and I intended to go to the gym, but really didn’t want to. I mean, I’m there enough for work! I decided not to make myself go in for strength. So, instead I did Jillian’s 30 Day Shred and called it a day. Confession #1: I never do the “cool down” portion of any work out. I often walk out of group fitness classes … [Read more...]

Eggs Are The Best Protein


After my fab lunch date I headed back to work. We were having a member appreciation party and had snacks! I love snacks. There were also cookies in the break room. People who bring cookies to work are genius, am I right? Pam gave me these eggs because she knows I’m trying to pump up my protein. I had some before Zumba to fuel me up. I’ve read that gummy eggs are full of … [Read more...]

*Note: Lunch with My Ladies


I know I’m unapologetically biased, but the weather in SoCal has been AMAZING lately. Upper 70s/80s – cool mornings and perfect summer nights *Note: Every time I check the weather here I also check it for the area my in-laws live in Florida since they’re always trying to get us to move out there. Um, yeah. Today I got out of the gym and  met up with my favorite SoCal … [Read more...]

New Rules of Lifting for Women Who Look Like Men


Happy Wednesday! Wait. It’s only Wednesday?! How is this week going by so slow?!?! I had a 7am client and planned on working out after her session. I wasn’t really hungry when I ate this egg sandwich around 6:30am, but knew if I didn’t eat I would skip my workout in favor of coming home for breakfast. You add more ketchup to the sandwich as you take bites, right? At the gym … [Read more...]

Ask a Monican #14


This afternoon morning I had an early lunch because we had a noon Personal Training Team meeting at work. Luckily (?), I was hungry at 11am. Same deal as always, salad (and lots of it) with Peanut Dressing. Then, I headed to work. I forgot my phone (major fail because clients call to cancel/confirm on my cell). But, I remembered my watermelon for a snack! Obviously my … [Read more...]

Tempo Tuesday and Oat Brancakes


When I checked my Marathon Training Plan this morning and saw “8 Miles” I was not excited. Just didn’t have the energy, you know? So I made a deal with la diabla myself – I’d only do 6 miles, but with 4 at tempo. Deal. 6 miles (4 tempo) – 51:59 Average Pace 8:40 Mile 1: 9:07 Mile 2:8:28 Mile 3: 8:37 (hill in there) Mile 4: 8:12 (downhill next two) Mile 5: 8:15 … [Read more...]

Granola Makes Everything Better.


I had a break before my 5pm client so I rushed home to turn off the crock pot. And since I was there and all I figured a snack was in order I made a smoothie in a bowl with tons of Love Grown Foods granola. Put chocolate chips in something and I’m you’re biggest fan. I got home from work after eight was super grateful for dinner to already be done! Roasted broccoli, sweet … [Read more...]