YogurtLand and July Goals

Hello and Happy Friday!!! Last night I was MIA because I went to another blogger meet up at Yogurtland. I’m just happy I can blame my addiction on others.monica is addicted to Yogurtland thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

These girls are enablers, but I’m not objecting wlEmoticon winkingsmile YogurtLand and July Goals

Skinny Runner, Heather, Margot, Janae and that Run Eat Repeat girlIMG 7171 thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

In a related story, my phone completely died and Ben thought I was dead. He came looking for me. Isn’t that sweet?

Well, no worries Ben. We just needed seconds on fro-yo. It was SR’s idea…IMG 5603 600x800 thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

We made last minute plans to do a roadtrip this weekend. I didn’t account for this when making my marathon training plan so I had to try and bust out a long run this morning.

Here’s me with my most prized possession – that magical satellite dish that allows me countless hours of Real Housewives reruns. Thank you.IMG 5605 800x600 thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

I was supposed to do 14 miles, but my right leg was super tight and tired (???). I assume it’s from kickboxing yesterday, but isn’t it weird that it’s more my right than my left?

I spent a few miles worrying that I had a stroke.

I ended up cutting it to 10 miles since I was concerned my gait was weird from my stoke leg. IMG 5606 800x600 thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

Done and done.IMG 5607 600x800 thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

It’s French Toast Friday! I love French toast Friday almost as much as I love Yogurtland Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… (you get the idea)IMG 5612 800x600 thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

I’m back into almond butter. I go through phases with nut butters. IMG 5613 800x600 thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

I love Monday mini-goals, but I need more than just 7 days to get my sht together. So for the rest of 2011 I’ll be making monthly goals.

July 2011 Goals:

1. Stick to Marathon training program = 4 good runs a week/2 strength sessions/Yoga once. Document runs, strength and stretching. The key here is I have to start pushing myself past the hard parts of my runs.

2. No diet soda. This was one of my 2011 resolutions that I keep pushing aside. This month I’m all in.

3. Eat clean during the work week so I can listen to my body’s signals and not triggers or blood sugar spikes. (Eating clean is different for different peeps, I have my own little definition.)

If you have goals you want to document – HealthRally is a new site that allows you to announce them on their website and invite friends and family to support you.image thumb YogurtLand and July Goals

The goal can be anything from quitting smoking to taking 3 walks a week. You get to decide your goal and your reward. If your supporters wish, they can contribute to your reward monetarily or they can donate money to a charity. If nothing else, sharing your goals with friends helps with accountability and moral support wlEmoticon smile YogurtLand and July Goals

I want to try and take 2 classes a week at the gym or yoga studio all month in July! I gave myself the reward of a new pair of running shoes if I do it. Wish me luck!

Got any goals for July? Any fun plans this weekend?

I’m still not even sure where we’re going, but Ben booked a hotel for tonight and we’re leaving right after work!


  1. Emily G says

    Enjoy your surprise getaway – those are the most fun. I’m completely jealous of your SoCal froyo options, Minnesota is a totally froyo desert. However, my weekend plans involve eating ice cream (lots of that here), watching the Tour de France, eating Belgian waffles, biking, and course marshaling a half marathon.

    July goal: bike 500 miles (I hit 470 this month).

  2. Kat says

    July Goals:

    1. Fit into AE size 4 shorts by the 18th – I literally just need to lose an inch around my waist and maybe a tiny bit of fat on my thighs and I’m good! I can already get into them, but they’re too tight to wear outside.
    2. Run a 30 minute 5K – this is dependant on what my physio says about me running again, but I’d love to accomplish this!
    3. Shoot 500 shoots per week – hoping to play college basketball so this needs to happen! Plus I enjoy it :)
    4. Do something active daily – a big one for me! Even if it’s just a walk or some easy yoga.
    5. Roll & ice quads daily – apparently the root of my knee problems are super tight quads! So the more I roll ‘em, the faster I’ll be able to get back to running. It hurts SO bad to even lightly massage ‘em though.

  3. says

    thanks for that super flattering and really feminine “legs splayed open like a dude” picture.

    my july goals are to run when i can and when im in town and not beat myself up over the times i cant.

    and learn how to sit like a lady.

  4. Angie says

    My goal would be to cut out diet coke too. It’s hard. I don’t buy it so much anymore but when I run errands I get a bottle! It doesn’t even taste that good to me anymore.

  5. Dynamics says

    Hey Monica…Do you not have a ROOF to put that thing on? HA I have never seen one on someones patio.

  6. says

    Just a thought for breaking the diet soda habit: I buy club soda and regular soda and mix them together half & half. It’s ~half the calories, and doesn’t take as heavy as regular soda (I actually don’t even like that taste anymore!) I’ve been going strong without D.C. for about 2 months on this method.

  7. says

    OMG I have a stroke calf! My right calf hates me right now! I think that new site could be really fun! I am gonna check it out!
    Once I get school done and move I plan on doing some me-vamping (no that isn’t me being a vamp, that’s me revamping myself!) ;-)

    Good Luck with your goals!!!

  8. says

    I’d like to lose 15 lbs this month, but since that is neither healthy or realistic I’ll go for 6. So, in related news, my goal this month is to stop eating like crap and run at least 100 miles this month (I’m training for the SF half on 7/31, so that should be easy).

  9. says

    That is adorable that Ben came looking for you!! I can’t wait to hear all about your weekends adventures on our RUN NEXT WEEK!!! Girl you did TEN MILES…I would kill to do that! Your goals always motivate me!!!

  10. says

    That’s awesome that you can just bust out a long run like that when unexpected plans come up. It’s hard for my body to run long unless I’ve mentally and physically prepped for it. I hope you have fun wherever it is you are going :)

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