Road Trip To Lompoc and Morro Bay

Friday night Ben, Michael (my brother), Heather (his girlfriend) and climbed in the car and went on a road trip. roadtrip 1

Yes, that’s a burrito in my hand.yes, that's a burrito in my handIMG_5635 (800x600)IMG_5636 (800x600)

Since we left after work we basically just had dinner and went straight to our first stop – Lompoc. imageWe stayed at the Holiday Inn Express in Lompoc. I was pleasantly surprised at the size, “new-ness” and cleanliness of the room.IMG_5638 (800x600)

In addition to a desk there was a sitting area with a closet.IMG_5640 (800x600)

In the morning I went for an easy 3 miler to explore a bit.IMG_5654 (800x600)

Old Town LompocIMG_5645 (600x800)

IMG_5648 (600x800)

We obviously stayed in the “fancy” part of town.IMG_5651 (600x800)

HIE includes an entire breakfast too. The spread included bread, cereals, muffins, eggs, bacon, biscuits and inn breakfast bar

Milk, yogurt and eggs!milk fridge

If you ever want to kill yourself just think, “There might not be Cinnamon Rolls in Heaven.” And that’s reason enough to live…holiday inn cinnamon rolls

I give the Holiday Inn 4 stars. Mostly because their mirrors are “skinny mirrors”.IMG_5657 (600x800)

I made myself a nice spread from the breakfast options – an egg sandwich (on bread I brought) with a smear of gravy (gross), cereal and a naner that was too ripe (skipped).IMG_5664 (600x800)

Wait. Something’s missing! It needs ketchup. Luckily, I brought a whole bottle. Obsessed much?IMG_5666 (600x800)

After breakfast we headed to Pismo BeachimageIMG_5670 (800x600)

IMG_5673 (800x600)

Many pit stopsIMG_5676 (800x600)IMG_5677 (800x600)IMG_5679 (800x600)This beach is known for their amazing sand dunes where you can ride ATVsIMG_5684 (600x800)IMG_5692 (800x600)IMG_5693 (800x600)IMG_5697 (800x600)

We considered renting them but I’m a fraidy cat and didn’t want to go. Okay, that wasn’t the only reason we didn’t rent them, but I am scared.IMG_5700 (800x600)

Lunch.IMG_5709 (800x600)IMG_5702 (800x600)IMG_5706 (800x600)

Ben’s food I stoleIMG_5707 (800x600)

The next stop was Morro Bay.IMG_5734 (800x600)IMG_5719 (800x600)IMG_5720 (800x600)IMG_5722 (800x600)IMG_5723 (800x600)IMG_5724 (800x600)IMG_5726 (800x600)IMG_5732 (800x600)IMG_5745 (600x800)

Then an elephant seal visit was in order…IMG_5764 (800x600)IMG_5767 (800x600)IMG_5771 (800x600)IMG_5772 (800x600)penishead

This guy thought we had food, so he came close.IMG_5769 (800x600)

Ragged PointIMG_5782 (600x800)IMG_5775 (800x600)IMG_5778 (800x600)IMG_5781 (800x600)

Finally we made it to Paso Robles!

Dinner was at a pub. Not good food, but it worked. I got a veggie burger with onion rings. They were as big as the burger!!!IMG_5803 (800x600)

A food blog should show people eating, don’t ya think?IMG_5795 (800x600)

It was my idea to get Coldstone after…IMG_5811 (600x800)

But, I 100% confirmed something today. I don’t LOVE ice cream. I LOVE frozen yogurt. I like the melty parts of ice cream, but this wasn’t even that good. Fail.IMG_5819 (600x800)

But the waffle part was good SmileIMG_5814 (600x800)

I’ve been the designated driver all day and everyone else is pretty “happy” from the cooler full of alcohol. IMG_5790 (800x600)So, um yeah – I’m going to see ya tomorrow Winking smile


  1. says

    Ahh looks like a fun trip!! Your inspiring me to plan a road trip round Cyprus… it only takes 4 hours to drive from one end to the other but it would still be quite fun to explore! 😉 Now, get dug into that cooler! 😀

  2. says

    i live in paso! there’s a frozen yogurt place you’ve got to try that serves a fro yo called wow cow that’s very similar to pinkberry! you should try it out! :)

  3. Lorin says

    Wow, that’s cool. You went by my school, Cal Poly SLO! It’s weird to see Pismo and morro beach on a blog because a lot of the blogs I read are east coast. Actually heading to Charlotte today!

  4. Ryah Cooley says

    I love the central coast! Paso Robles is my hometown and I’ve also lived in San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay. What pub in paso did you go to? Currently I live in Long Beach. I’m going to launch my blog soon, we should have a blogger meet up! :)

  5. Ida says

    Looks like a great trip! I agree that coldstone isn’t any good. I don’t get what people see in that place.

  6. says

    So many pictures! Looks like a great time, and I’m seriously jealous. I miss the CA coastline.. I went to Pepperdine, and waking up to those views every day was the best!
    Side note? I adore ice cream. Just had a massive bowl with a vitatop crumpled on top :)

  7. says

    Looks like SO MUCH FUN! Breakfast biscuit gravy weirds me out, never touch the stuff…and can’t believe you brought your own ketchup! Mexican looks amazing, and Cold Stone? Well I do love ice cream, so I could handle it!

  8. Marian says

    Hi Monica! I’m a LONG time reader. Probably from when you first started your blog:) I’ve always loved your blog and I too am from orange county but since getting married I now live in LOMPOC! When I read your post I couldn’t help but laugh! Little did I know you were in town. Too funny! Have a great rest of your trip unless you are already home:)

  9. says

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  10. says

    That road trip looks amazing! I remember when we were stationed in Vegas, we used to take road trips to San Diego and it is still one of my favorite places in the world! I loved the vibe, the water, the easy breezy feel and the shops! Glad you had nice weather, great eats, and a fun time with the gang!!!

  11. says

    Cold Stone ice cream pretty much sucks in general. The last time I was there I could only describe the experience as “gummy.” Blech! I finally got your blog to work again so I can come on and say HEY! I miss reading your daily adventures :)

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