Run, Eat 7/6/2011


I already said this, but I’m going to start posting a whole day’s eats in one post once or twice a week. Back in the day when RER was tragic I would call my posts either “Run” or “Eat” – get it, because this is Run Eat Repeat? Oh, that was already obvious and I don’t have to talk to you like you’re borderline brain dead? Good, glad we have that settled. Run: 6.5 miles you can … [Read more...]

Slow Sweaty Six Miles


Hello! I had 7 miles on my schedule today and a 7am appointment. But, when my alarm went off at 5am I convinced myself to do it right after (since it was just one session). Before I left for work I had some cereal and hoped it wouldn’t give me the poops on my run. After my appointment I headed home to run – do not pass Go do not collect $200. But, I made the mistake of … [Read more...]