Three Things Thursday–Roasted Broc


1. My day was ridic. I had my first client at 7am and my last at 8pm. So even though I had to bow out of KB early I felt like I was on my feet and fairly active all day. In other news – KB burns about as many calories per minute as running! 2.  Tip: If you ever want to play a dirty trick on someone roast broccoli in their house when they’re not there. They will spend 5 hours … [Read more...]

Mexican Chicken Salad


This afternoon I had 45 minutes to get home, make lunch, eat, check email and get back out the door. I didn’t realize I had such a short break or I would have planned better! I felt like my day was lacking protein so I made a quick chicken salad. Only instead of mayo, I used salsa. Add some black beans and get a Mexican girl to mix it around and you’ve got yourself a Mexican … [Read more...]

Milk Gives Me Mocos


Updated to add: Last night Ben and I stayed up late and ended up making No Bake Chocolate Oat Cookies for a snack. Pros of this recipe: 1.  They are best eaten as cookie dough, so don’t worry about forming the cookies and actually waiting for them to set. I just mixed the ingredients and went to town. 2. You probably have all the ingredients needed in your kitchen … [Read more...]