Milk Gives Me Mocos

Updated to add: Last night Ben and I stayed up late and ended up making No Bake Chocolate Oat Cookies for a snack.chocolate oat cookies

Pros of this recipe:

1.  They are best eaten as cookie dough, so don’t worry about forming the cookies and actually waiting for them to set. I just mixed the ingredients and went to town.

2. You probably have all the ingredients needed in your kitchen right now. If you don’t have cocoa powder use chocolate protein powder.

3. No cooking or baking needed. Bonus: This means you won’t set any pot holders on fire.

This morning I had an early wake up call and grabbed an easy no-cook breakfast combining yogurt, pumpkin and cereal. I was cutting back on dairy for a few weeks because I think it gives me mocos. But, I wanted yogurt so yeah.IMG_5989 (800x600)

Pumpkin, yogurt, stevia, spices, chia seeds and cereals all mixed up and ready to be eaten on the go!IMG_5991 (800x600)

After my client I did half a KB session, but snuck out early because my legs were too tired on my Friday run last week. I don’t want the same thing to happen again tomorrow (but I did feel like a loser leaving early).

It’s HOT! We all know the importance of staying hydrated, but drinking cold beverages are so much more satisfying than luke warm water – am I right? Unfortunately, my big ol’ bottle doesn’t keep things very cool.

IMG_5995 (600x800)

Under Armour just came out with a new water bottle that keeps your drink cold for 12 hours. They sent me one to try out and I’m a fan. I love big drinks, cold drinks, strong drinks… basically I am a big drinker Winking smileIMG_6000 (600x800)

There was a recent study that showed athletes who drink cold beverages keep their core body temperature down and perform better! Cool huh.


  1. says

    I miss pumpkin! I went on a pumpkin overload last fall and my husband banned it from the house! haha.
    No bake cookies were my childhood favorite, now I am craving them – maybe I can find time tonight to make a batch :)
    Once I actually set down a plastic measuring cup on a burner that had just been on, 10 mins later when I smelt something weird, I realized it but the whole bottom was metled to the stove top! Urgh!

  2. says

    I love my plastic nalgene, but when I really want my drink to stay cold I always go for my stainless steel cup. I agree cold water is way better. Especially when humidity makes every item of clothing cling to you.

  3. Melissa says

    Ha! My family uses “mocos” too–I’m half-Panamanian but do not look it one bit! We also use “dupa” for ass. Ah, memories…

  4. Shanni says

    I want one of those bottles! I do hot yoga and use a stainless steel bottle right now, but it’s warm by the end of class. Would I just look to get one via their website? Any particular stores?


  5. says

    I completely understand what you mean about leaving the KB session early because of tough runs. I swear some people at the gym think I never workout, but I just have to do it on specific days and specific times because of running. I can’t bust out a leg workout whenever where ever, ya know?

  6. says

    So completely unrelated, have you or have you heard of any Mexicans eating Mayo and parmasean cheese on corn on the cob? My step-sister in-law swears she got this idea from some Mexicans she knows. I told her she was crazy and that putting mayo and parm on corn for her 5 year old was child abuse (I kid)!!!!!

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