Three Things Thursday–Roasted Broc

1. My day was ridic. I had my first client at 7am and my last at 8pm. So even though I had to bow out of KB early I felt like I was on my feet and fairly active all day.

In other news – KB burns about as many calories per minute as running!image

2.  Tip: If you ever want to play a dirty trick on someone roast broccoli in their house when they’re not there. They will spend 5 hours looking for the source of the stink. And you’ll be licking your ketchup covered broccoli fingers in happiness. True.IMG_6020 (800x600)

The age old question – why is bread and butter the best thing?!IMG_6024 (800x600)

3. I am tired. IMG_6028 (800x600)

See ya later!IMG_6025 (800x600)

3 1/2. The OC Fitbloggin local meet up is this weekend!!! We’ll be meeting at Yogurtland around 2pm on Saturday at the Irvine. Let me know if you want in!


  1. Amanda says

    You burn that many? I ran seven miles today and there’s STILL no way I burned that many. Me = JEALOUS.

    As always, you’re my fave! :)

  2. says

    HAHA the broccoli thing is cracking me up. Last year, when we were tying to sell out house, I roasted a bunch of broccoli and sprouts for dinner. Well, we got a call about 10 min later that someone wanted to do a showing. Yeah, needless to say, they didn’t want a house that smelt like flatulence. :)

  3. Danielle says

    Kickboxing is incredible with calorie burn, I burn between 600 and 850 calories in a 60-75minute class.

    Once in college I left some broccoli in a pot from dinner. My roommate and I slept, went to class, went to work, etc. I came home around 6pm the next day and our apartment smelled like something had keeled over and died!! (I turned around and walked out.)

  4. says

    add brussel sprouts to the broccoli and the stench increases…plus it make your pee really stink..sorry TMI!

    Have you tried the sugar cinnamon butter??? It is spreadable crack..I swear:/

  5. says

    Last night I baked some fish in the oven and steamed some broccoli in those microwavable steam bags. When I opened the bag of broccoli, my four year old daughter walked in the kitchen and asked “What is that smell?” I told her it was broccoli (which by the way she loves to eat, cooked or raw). “Well,” she said, “It smells like a dirty diaper!” and walked away.

    She has a 2 yr old baby brother, so she knows what a dirty diaper smells like. After that, I could not eat the broccoli. I did bring broccoli and fish for lunch today so maybe I can eat it now without the lingering smell in the kitchen.

  6. april says

    PLEASE GIVE ME MOTIVATION TO RUNNNNNNN I have 7 miles and I haven’t run that long in quite a while. Dear lord it’s already 80 degrees here in FL!!!

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