Feet and Food Friday


Hello! I had a busy day full of appointments. When I realized I didn’t have time for the Panera lunch I planned I grabbed a bar and Dr. Zevia (like Dr.Pepper but sweetened with stevia) for the road. The Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry bar is a candy bar - but a healthy candy bar at least? It doesn’t offer a lot of protein, but tastes like a See’s Candy. So so good. I’m getting … [Read more...]

Bad Run Out of The Way


This morning I had a 7 miler on the schedule, but since I just switched training plans and am not used to a mid-length run before a long run I did 6. Truth is, I was not feeling very happy, peppy or “runny” today. I had a bad run in with the scale and a crazy week left me with an anxiety attack this morning. The good news is I got my bad run out of the way for this week! I … [Read more...]