Bad Run Out of The Way

This morning I had a 7 miler on the schedule, but since I just switched training plans and am not used to a mid-length run before a long run I did 6.

Truth is, I was not feeling very happy, peppy or “runny” today. I had a bad run in with the scale and a crazy week left me with an anxiety attack this morning.IMG 6030 600x800 thumb Bad Run Out of The Way

The good news is I got my bad run out of the way for this week! I felt super slow, took walk breaks and got discouraged. But, I’m moving on to a great run tomorrow!!!IMG 6033 800x600 thumb Bad Run Out of The Way

I was thisclose to making French Toast Friday, but went with waffles instead.IMG 6036 800x600 thumb Bad Run Out of The Way

Topped with Pumpkin Crème on one, PB on the other. Everything doused in a healthy pour of syrup wlEmoticon winkingsmile4 Bad Run Out of The WayIMG 6038 800x600 thumb Bad Run Out of The Way

If you are in the OC area on Saturday come to our first Fitbloggin Local meet up! Bloggers and readers are invited to meet up wlEmoticon smile8 Bad Run Out of The Way  You can go to our meet up page here for information. image thumb15 Bad Run Out of The Way

The Orange County group is under “Rancho Santa Margarita” but it’s really for all OC / LA peeps.

There will be fro-yo! ice cream lov thumb Bad Run Out of The Way

Question: If you were a flavor of ice cream what would it be?

I think I would be Dulce de Leche, but I prefer Mint n’ Chip!

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  1. says

    chocolate chip cookie dough. because like me, the chunks are the best part!

    okay, that was a bit of a stretch.

    i’m telling myself i’ll do 6 miles on my lunch hour. i can tell its going to be a bad run. but i’m trying to get geared up for it…

  2. says

    Sometimes a run/some sort of heart-pumping exercise is what I need to get me out of a funk, so at least you did something productive!
    I would probably double chocolate chunk. I’m such a white girl, but I seriously love chocolate so much I sweat I’m made of it.

  3. Christin says

    i’d be rocky road fo sho…but my fave is cake batter with mini chocolate chips from coldstones hhhmmhhhmhmhmhmhhmhm

  4. Kellie says

    I had a bad run in with the scale too. I hate it!!! Completely random question, but how tall are you?

    • says

      PS: I lol’d at the ‘bad run in with the scale’. I am not usually trying to lose weight yet scales still scare the crap outa me. For this reason, I don’t own one. I don’t need that a-hole taunting me every morning. :)

  5. says

    never start a weekend with a weigh-in. those are for mondays. sort of like checking your bank account after a trip. just wait til monday, because mondays usually aren’t the best anyways… :) just a tip.

  6. Alison says

    Dont worry, i had a bad run in with the scale this morning too. The foruth of july was full of fun and calories. Yikes!

    we’ll just have to take it one day at a time.

    good luck feeling better!


  7. says

    Hi Monica,
    I just found your blog from Hungry Runner Girl and I am SO excited to find another blogger that has struggled with eating issues. I was also heavier when I was younger and did the whole binge/restrict thing until it drove me to craziness and finally therapy. I’m doing much better now but I still have my ups and downs. Can’t wait to continue to read about your progress!

    You’re amazing!

  8. says

    Cherry Garcia, cause I am so delicious! LMAO I am so ridiculous!

    Just so ya know I would love to have your bad run! I am much worse! Tomorrow is another day

  9. says

    So I realize I’m a little late to the comment party on this one, but I just found your blog and you are too funny so I just HAD to catch up on your posts over my lunch break!

    I absolutely love your comment that you got your “bad” run in and are onto a great one tomorrow – sometimes I think that way too, and it is absolutely true. Runners inevitably have the occasional bad run and I like to “get mine out of the way” when it’s not an important run! It’s also a good mantra to use to stay positive when you’re feeling like a bump on a log!

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