Feet and Food Friday

Hello! I had a busy day full of appointments. When I realized I didn’t have time for the Panera lunch I planned I grabbed a bar and Dr. Zevia (like Dr.Pepper but sweetened with stevia) for the road.

IMG 6042 600x800 thumb Feet and Food Friday

The Kind Dark Chocolate Cherry bar is a candy bar – but a healthy candy bar at least? It doesn’t offer a lot of protein, but tastes like a See’s Candy. So so good. I’m getting more for treats asap.IMG 6043 800x600 thumb Feet and Food Friday

I read Fit Pregnancy while waiting at the doctor’s office. No, I’m not. Truth is my clock isn’t even ticking. But Ben’s is, so I’m trying to coax mine along wlEmoticon winkingsmile5 Feet and Food Friday This magazine actually did make me a little happy. I don’t get why everyone wants us to have a baby though, isn’t having one of me around unpleasant enough?  IMG 6044 600x800 thumb Feet and Food Friday

After my bad run in with the scale this morning I refused to be weighed at the doctor’s office. Did you know you can do that? ‘Cause you totally can.

When the nurse took me to the scale I just said, “No, sorry but I can’t do that today.” I got a weird look, but I’d rather have a weird look than a number staring me in the face. Done and done. IMG 6048 600x800 thumb Feet and Food Friday

Then, I waited for my feets to be examined. I went back in to the doctor for a look at that thing in my foot. Ben tried to poke at it for a splinter the week before last, but didn’t find anything. Well, there’s still something there and it’s not a wart. (But thanks to everyone who said I had a wart on the internet.)IMG 6053 600x800 thumb Feet and Food Friday

Also, I want to give a special “Thank-you” to those who said it might be staph infection as I am a hypochondriac and haven’t slept in 9 days. Fan-fcking-tastic.

Anyways, the physician’s assistant said it would really really hurt if she tried to dig it out so she suggested I try to soak it in Epsom salts and pick at it again. The last time we only soaked it in water even though you guys suggested Epsom, sorry.

Why did I say “feets”? Because this picture is part of an inside joke with Ben and I…in your macaronis with my feets thumb Feet and Food Friday

By the time I was done, picked up my little bro and got to my mom’s (near the doc) I was beyond hungry (and randomly emotional). I ate a massive salad with tons of Mexican fixings fast.IMG 6055 800x600 thumb Feet and Food Friday

Whole Foods is trying to woo me with their most amazing sale ever – cherries on sale for $2.99 a pound. Sold! I gave it up faster than a ho in Vegas. Oh, don’t bother to try and buy some now – the sale was only today and even if it wasn’t I bought out the place.IMG 6056 800x600 thumb Feet and Food Friday

And since I was there and all, I figured a Detox juice was in order. These are good I swear – even Matt drank some!IMG 6057 600x800 thumb Feet and Food Friday

The little bro and I shared a very chocolate-y chocolate chip cookie from their bakery too. He didn’t get why it was vegan since cookies don’t have meat anyways. I told him vegans are complicated. He nodded knowingly.IMG 6058 600x800 thumb Feet and Food Friday

The boys played outside while I cleaned.IMG 6059 800x600 thumb Feet and Food Friday

Tonight was Pizza night so I made pita pizzas and socca crust pizzas. The socca crust needs something so I’m not gonna share the recipe tonight.IMG 6063 800x600 thumb Feet and Food Friday

My fantastic Friday night plans involve soaking my foot and eating 4 pounds of cherries. God help me. IMG 6066 800x600 thumb Feet and Food Friday

I have a long run tomorrow! See ya later wlEmoticon smile9 Feet and Food Friday

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  1. says

    Where did you buy Dr. Stevia? And is it weird that I’m a slightly interested in what you find buried in your foot? Isn’t it awesome when you pay a co-pay and they basically do nothing (or so it seems)?

  2. Amanda says

    I <3 kind bars….. sooooo good and all real ingredients.

    My guy and I say 'feets' too! More fun than just feet. Great post, I laughed my ass off : D

  3. says

    For your foot, there is also this ointment called DRAW OUT. My husband used it when he fell into a cactus and had tons of tiny thorns in his arm. It stinks BAD but worked.

  4. ashley says

    I live in Orange…I am running a 9 mile loop in Irvine..heading there soon! txt if you wanna run 7149320455

  5. says

    Ah, wish i were down near you….doing a long run this morning too!

    hope the foot is better asap. that’s no fun.

    and i did that at the doc’s once and the lady actually argued with me. I told her my last weight from a weigh in and she said she needed a current one. i told her, “what i tell you, is as current as it’s gonna get lady.” yeesh.

  6. Lin says

    just curious… with all the cherries you eat.. can you tie a cherry stem in a knot using your tongue? (I’m not being creepy, I promise :))

  7. says

    i just tried those kind bars (That flavor) the other day..its sooo good! I usually just buy the cranberry ones but these are way better!!

  8. says

    ohmygosh I can’t believe I missed that cherry sale! SO excited that it’s cherry season!

    i hope your foot is okay! Does it hurt to run on that?

  9. JessicaEn says

    I’m in the same boat. My Husband is ticking, but I’m not yet, so he is buying me books, etc, and helping me learn everything we can about it at least :)

  10. says

    I remember when I finally got up the nerve to refuse the weigh-in at the Doc’s office. For me, it was a bold move, but later I was proud of myself. My new Doc (female) doesn’t even ask me to weigh-in, although she will talk to me about the importance of a healthy weight (I lost 40 lbs about 2 years ago and she has been my Doc through that time.)
    Good luck with the foot AND the long run! I love it when those long runs are over — it’s the BEST feeling.

  11. says

    Can’t wait to hear how your long run was! And I too love when WF has sales like that!
    Ps very cool about the scale… I had no idea you could do that. I wanted to the other day bc who knows how much my cast weighs!

  12. says


    I have been reading your blog for a long time now and watching your running (a total inspiration to me) and your struggles with intuitive eating have made me feel like I have a friend out there in my own journey to intuitive eating which I started a few months ago. I just started a new blog (girl eat) which is anonymous-I hope you don’t mind my not leaving a name here-that celebrates my journey to intuitive eating. Your personality is so catchingly funny I cannot wait to read your posts every day-they always put a smile on my face. Thank you for inspiring me and good luck with everything. (and my clock isn’t ticking either so I’m with you there!)

  13. says

    I could have wrote that paragraph about the Fit Pregnancy magazine reading (except sub my hubby’s name in for yours), I heart you for giving the weigh-in at the doctor’s office the big “N-O” and your obsession with cherries. I have to admit I thought of you when I saw that sale featured in my weekly WFM email.

  14. Nicole says

    Hey Monica!
    First things first, I totally love it when I get my RER feed in my inbox. I look forward to it! :D

    Secondly, I hear ya when it comes to the whole, “my clock isn’t ticking” thing. I’m 30 and I think my clock is still flashing “12:00…12:00….12:00″! Though, if I want to ever get in that “aw, I kinda want a baby” mode, I just go to the baby clothes section of the nearest Kohl’s or Target….the cutesy little shirts and footie pajamas makes my heart bounce.

    Then, by the time I hit the check-out line and see the little monsters running rampant in the store that warm-fuzzy feeling is gone! :D

    Thanks for making my inbox a happy place to visit.

  15. says

    I need to make a dr’s appt and am afraid to because I’ve gained like 5-7 lbs since the last time I went. I know this is so silly. It didn’t occur to me just to tell them not to weigh me though.

  16. Liz says

    I just wanted to tell you…I love your blog! You seem so real and totally make me chuckle. And, I totally know about the scale. When you do get preggers, they have to weigh you all the time, and if you’re like me and take being pregnant as an excuse to eat whatever and whenever, it will not be a good thing to step on that scale!

    Thanks for all your blogs! I love them.

  17. says

    I had to go to the doc twice last week and totally told them not to say my weight out loud and closed my eyes. I’d rather not face reality sometimes. Eh, it happens.

  18. Christine says

    Ever since I stopped weighing myself I ask for the doctor/nurse at appointments to not tell me what my weight says. Every time I feel more better about my decision to not know :) it is so freeing!

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