Orange County Fitbloggin Meet Up


Today was the first meet up for the OC Fitbloggin group. Anyone who blogs or reads blogs was welcome to a local meet up of healthy living bloggers Since I originally organized the event I decided it should be at my favorite place in the world… Yogurtland! Not just because I’m selfish, but also because I want to share the Yogurtlove with everyone I can. Luckily, everyone else … [Read more...]

Run 15 Miles Eat 15 Pancakes


Hello! Today was my long run day. I set out bright and early for 15 miles. Pretty sure I’m still asleep here… Ben and I are trying to stick to a budget so I can’t buy any more running gear for a while. Bummer. Well, bummer until I remembered I’m a hoarder and found a new running shirt I bought months ago! My run was really good! It took me about 5 miles to get into a groove, … [Read more...]