Orange County Fitbloggin Meet Up

Today was the first meet up for the OC Fitbloggin group. Anyone who blogs or reads blogs was welcome to a local meet up of healthy living bloggers Smile

Since I originally organized the event I decided it should be at my favorite place in the world… Yogurtland! Not just because I’m selfish, but also because I want to share the Yogurtlove with everyone I can.IMG_6052 (800x533)

Luckily, everyone else that came are already huge fans of the ‘land so we were all happy! Especially Janae. Who was greeted by name when she walked in and paid with a Yogurtland Platinum card. I didn’t even though they had those!IMG_6044 (533x800)

Most of the time I try to be a little “good” with self serve fro-yo (so I can justify coming back the next day). But, today all bets were off. I am an eating machine today.IMG_6046 (800x533)

Janae and Sarah make gorgeous fro-yo models. Heck, they make gorgeous any kind of models hence the reason I made sure to take this pic and not be in it.hungryrunnergirl OUAL

After enjoying our yogurt we chatted outside for over an hour!

This is Leah, Sarah and Julie IMG_6054 (800x533)

Janae and Heather SmileIMG_6056 (800x533)

Kate, Marlon and Denise  IMG_6057 (800x533)

The whole OC Fitbloggin gang!OC fitbloggin

From Left: Marlon (Me In The Balance), Heather (365 Days of Awesome), Me, Janae (Hungry Runner Girl), Leah (Healthy Coconut), Sarah (Once Upon a Lime), Julie (Fat Girl Trapped in Skinny), Kate (What Kate is Cooking) and Denise (Lotta Latte)

We tried to be funny. Tried is the key word there.we're ridic

On the way home I got hungry. Like suddenly I was super hungry and unhappy about it. So, I suggested stopping for food, but Ben vetoed it because we’re trying to spend less money.

We went home and I started to make something, but ended up realizing I really really wanted fish tacos and dropped everything to go get them.

I couldn’t even take a non-blurry picture because I was so hungry. I almost started to cry about it. Something’s wrong with me, but I think we all realize that.IMG_6071 (800x533)

Chips and guacamole (I thought it was important to label this picture in case you’re not aware of this staple in my diet).IMG_6076 (800x533)

But, Wahoo’s forgot that magic white sauce somehow and they were just okay Sad smile After my crying fit and everything this was a slight disappointment. Boo.IMG_6077 (800x533)

I stole some of Ben’s cheese tortellini and am still hungry. Or, as Theodora said – I’m “Run-gry”. Maybe. But, normally I am super hungry the day after a long run. I hope it’s not both this week!

I am RUNGRY!!! Hide your food.

Also hide your kids, hide your wife…


  1. says

    OMG I love that you met at a froyo place!! How brilliant of you! I’m gonna do that next time. Whose idea was it to meet at my house?? We have no froyo machines. Oh yeah, MY idea. Seriously, we in NorCal had a lot of fun too (and you stole one of our attendees! Hi Denise!) and I’m about to write my recap. So glad you had a great turnout!!

  2. says

    Yum I love these yogurt places! I know those hungry days suck, just eat the things that fill you upmthe most and gomwi it. If u r that hungry, your body is telling unsomething

  3. says

    have you noticed if yogurtland has sorbets there in fro yo form? if they do i’m gonna be stoked because i found a place in bakersfield that did and it means I can eat the deliciousness again!!! :)

    sad i didn’t know about the meetup. I could ahve tried to have come since I wasn’t doing much at home this weekend.

  4. says

    It was great to see you and Ben again. I’m glad I got to meet everyone else, too! At first I was a little tentative about possibly being the only male blogger there, but I would have really regretted not coming. Thanks for getting the ball rolling on this meet-up. I’m looking forward to the next one!

    P.S. Had I known your brother was going to be there, I would have brought my son!

    • says

      I know! I didn’t think about it until last minute, but I thought to tell you. He would have had someone to talk to and then Ben woulda stuck around.

      Nice to see you again!

  5. says

    Hi Susan, I missed you guys, too :-)

    Thank you so much for putting the event today together, Monica, and for making me feel welcome even as a last minute addition. I think I’m glad we don’t have yogurtland here yet…that place could be very dangerous!

  6. says

    Oh Yogurtland will always have a very special place in my heart! I’m most recently obsessed with mint chocolate chip and red velvet, yummmmm. I absolutely love your blog posts and sense of humor! I literally laugh out loud at some of your comments (yes, sometimes in public places). :)

  7. says

    I heart Antione! I also love Daniel Tosh is that where you saw this?
    Also very jealous of the awesome get together why can’t I be a super cool SoCal blogger? :-)

  8. Floey says

    Omg that place is RIGHT across the street from my apartment!!! hahaha. Too bad I’m not a fitblogger/ruunner or I totally would have joined in! :) I frequent that YL after classes during the school year :)

  9. says

    I need a YogurtLand in my life stat. I’m glad you had a fun meet up but I’m sorry your dinner was disappointing. I hate when that happens!

  10. says

    Weird, afterwards all I wanted was fish tacos too. With truck loads of chips and guac. SO we had mexican for dinner, good choice :) Oh gosh, that video…Kevin and Bean make fun of that guy ALL the time, it cracks me UP!

  11. Christy says

    That video is hilarious! My brother couldn’t stop playing it when it first came out. He had my nephews singing it. lol

  12. says

    I always get slightly jealous when I see all the meet-ups that the OC fitbloggin group seems to do. How awesome.

    I love Antonie!! I hadn’t watched that clip in a while & it makes me laugh SO hard no matter how much I watch it.

  13. says

    I totally had a weird food meltdown yesterday too. Uh oh, I gotta stay away from reading blogs for awhile or ALL of our cycles will start to sync. Actually wait, I haven’t had one in years, now I must attach myself to those who do! Okay, this comment has now sent me into some sort of weird stalker mode. I’ll quickly leave now.

  14. says

    I went to my first meet up yesterday and even though I shouldn’t be, I was so surprised how good all of the food was!!

    Meet ups at Yogurtland seems like a great tradition! I want a platinum card now.

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