Tiny Pinata

It’s my brother Michael’s birthday! image thumb16 Tiny PinataHappy Birthday Michael!!!IMG 6175 600x800 thumb Tiny Pinata

He requested ribs for his birthday dinner and Ben was in charge of ordering. He made sure to get me an extra big salad to go along with all the other food we had. We did family style and I got some of everything.IMG 6173 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

Ben is nice to me. I really have no idea why.IMG 6185 600x800 thumb Tiny Pinata

Michael requested cheesecake for his birthday and since I’ve never made a real one, I decided not to take the chance and screw it up. I bought one and wrote on it. Maybe it’s not homemade, but everyone loved it just the same.IMG 6176 600x800 thumb Tiny Pinata

Michael takes the first bite out of his cake every year. Sometimes he takes a bite out of my cake too. That’s a brother for ya.IMG 6177 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

After everyone was served,I had my piece… IMG 6181 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

Shockingly, cheesecake is the one dessert I could take or leave. I stole a bite of Ben’s, but  had a brownie with ice cream instead.IMG 6179 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

I am obsessed with Heather’s cat, Romeo. He is twice the size of Vegas and so pretty.IMG 6198 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

Normally he’s really nice to me, but today he just isn’t that into me wlEmoticon winkingsmile6 Tiny PinataIMG 6189 600x800 thumb Tiny Pinata

Heather tried to show me how to hold him, but he wasn’t having it. I have 3 cuts from that motherfcker now.IMG 6191 600x800 thumb Tiny Pinata

After cheesecake and presents we hit the pinata. Heather got Michael a tiny pinata for fun.IMG 6204 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

Good thing he already had a tiny bat to hit it with.IMG 6208 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

You don’t want to know what happened after this picture. Let’s just say I don’t have cat-like reflexes and may now have a broken nose.IMG 6206 800x600 thumb Tiny Pinata

Happy Birthday nose breaker. Happy birthday.hope birthday ecard someecards2 thumb Tiny Pinata(someecards.com)


  1. says

    Haha, it’s awesome that he had a tiny bat already.

    One year, we teased one of the girls that she wasn’t getting a real cake….she was getting a cheesecake instead (which she doesn’t really like, but especially not for her birthday party). This went on for a few weeks and when it came right down to the day, my mom made her a cake shaped like a wedge of cheese with adorable little mice on it. She LOVED it and it was hilarious to see her face when she saw that she really did get a “cheese”cake…sorta.

    I just went searching for the link on my site to show you and realized it’s not posted. Holy cow. Must go find the pictures now.

  2. says

    I had no idea you had an older brother! What other secrets are you keeping. LoL. Looks like a fun party. Your family seems like a blast. :)

  3. says

    I am not a cheesecake fan either, never have been!

    Love the photo though of you looking like your going to dominate the cake, lol! I like your dessert better for sure ; )

    Happy birthday to your brother too!

  4. says

    Happy Birthday to Michael! I <3 cheesecake but never have it anymore, I'm kinda okay with that. Maybe I don't <3 it so much anymore?

    Romeo is very handsome!

  5. Kristie says

    See, I’m the opposite of you and apparently most people commenting – I LOVE cheesecake and couldn’t care less about cake unless I am just looking for a sugar high and there is some around. Best cheesecake ever: key lime with white chocolate ganache. Oh yes.

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