Monday Mini-Goals 7/11/2001

Hello and Happy Monday! I like the first day of the week, gives me a fresh start wlEmoticon smile13 Monday Mini Goals 7/11/2001 

If you’re just catching up, here was my weekend in a nutshell blogshell:

I attempted to wake up early this morning for a run, but only had time for 3 miles. Then, I had to grab breakfast to-go since I had a 7am appt. I added cereal to my yogurt/pumpkin combo…IMG 6210 600x800 thumb Monday Mini Goals 7/11/2001

And ate it in the car. Don’t text and drive, but eating cereal while driving is completely fine. IMG 6214 600x800 thumb Monday Mini Goals 7/11/2001

Since I didn’t do Sunday Set Up yesterday I am planning out my week this morning. Now that we’re trying to stick to a budget I really need to make sure and plan our meals!IMG 6215 800x600 thumb Monday Mini Goals 7/11/2001

Monday Mini-Goals for July 11:

1. Get in bed by 10pm. Ideally, be in bed reading by 9pm.

2. Stick to workout plan:

  • Monday: 3 miles and abs
  • Tuesday: 7 miles with 4 at tempo pace
  • Wednesday: 4 miles and strength
  • Thursday: strength, maybe a gym class
  • Friday: 7 miles
  • Saturday: Either half marathon or long run of 16 miles

3. Use journal and planner to stay organized and accountable.

image thumb17 Monday Mini Goals 7/11/2001

My latest article in Breathe magazine is out now! Click here for some Summer Snack Pack ideas.

Question: Got any Monday Mini-Goals? Do anything fun this weekend? Share wlEmoticon smile13 Monday Mini Goals 7/11/2001


  1. says

    I’m going on a roadtrip with my boyfriend to visit my best friend from college and then go camping! Summer is the best for outdoor activities and I plan to take full advantage of the sun since we get so little around here :)

  2. says

    my goal is to stick to my workout plans this week as well. and to get my butt out of bed in the morning to ride my bike before work like my training plan says to!

  3. Christin says

    Great article!! I love how everything is easy as well as delicious so I will actually want to make it…a stark contrast to say, watching the food network and wishing I had skillz ;) I’m making that hummus and tomato sandwich this afternoon for sure…I think i’ll add some sprouts and cucumber though too…yummm!

  4. says

    I love the whole writing down your goals for the week, because I always mentally set out goals for the week. but then I talk myself out of them and no one’s the wiser… not even me it seems ;-)

  5. says

    I always think about that when eating in the car. How ridiculous is it that it’s legal to eat whatever you want yet texting isn’t ok? I eat oats, yogurt and all sorts of things in the car that has me just as distracted as texting!

  6. says

    I started my weekend off with a crappy run, then rocked out a meatless meal by making a vegetable lasagna. We headed out for some fun at the comedy club Saturday night and our weekend guests finally left on Sunday at noon. I am so happy to have my house back to myself and hope to get back on track with my workouts after two weeks of vacation/house guest craziness. You have a great plan for your week of workouts! I am looking forward to getting back to my long Saturday runs soon. Half marathon training kicks off in a week!!!

  7. says

    “Get in bed by 10pm. Ideally, be in bed reading by 9pm.”

    That’s one of my goals for this week too! Except I didn’t actually announce it on my blog so let’s see if I can hold myself accountable.

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