Jose Cuervo Light Margarita Mix


A massive smoothie with cereal stopped me from eating my other arm this afternoon. I know what you’re thinking, “Thank God! Because how would she post without arms?!” Trader Joes Tuesday Tip – Get this Taco Mix. Use half of it for fajitas and the other half to make Tofu Tacos. Done and done. It’s Fajita night! Fajita night must haves: Tapatio or Cholula … [Read more...]

Run Rhyme and Reason


I had a horrible run today and can’t keep dismissing it as <insert random excuse here>. I know it has to be food, fatigue or training related so I’m going to start keeping a training journal. Ideally, I’ll record what I eat before my runs (which I don’t always mention here) and how I feel on my too. Anyways, today I felt super tired and HUNGRY!!! I was hungry before my … [Read more...]