Run Rhyme and Reason

I had a horrible run today and can’t keep dismissing it as <insert random excuse here>. I know it has to be food, fatigue or training related so I’m going to start keeping a training journal.

Ideally, I’ll record what I eat before my runs (which I don’t always mention here) and how I feel on my too.

Anyways, today I felt super tired and HUNGRY!!! I was hungry before my run and ate a piece of PB&J toast, but it wasn’t enough. I tried to eat my arm, but it was too hairy.IMG_6245 (600x800) - I don't need pot to be hungry, lazy, and paranoid

I did a slow 6.80 miles before rushing home to EAT.

So I devoured some pumpkin pancakes before I could record it.IMG_6243 (800x600)

I went to Costco after my morning shift to fill up on watermelon. Cherry season is so short, I couldn’t resist…I also couldn’t resist eating them in the car.IMG_6251 (800x600)

Tragically, Costco still doesn’t have watermelon?!?!?! These little boob ones do not count. I eat them in one bite, maybe two.IMG_6254 (800x600)

I pimped out a frozen meal with tons of veggies and almonds for lunch. I know they’re not the best, but I love me a good frozen meal SmileIMG_6261 (800x600)

Can someone please send me a real watermelon? Thanks.


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        I too was a watermelon racist. :) The outside is opposite, most lightly green with some dark green and the inside is yellow, similar to pineapple. This variety is much sweeter and if you’re feeling frisky, I’d definitely recommend giving it a try!

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    The best watermelons always come from a guy with questionable hygiene selling them out of the back of his truck. The less teeth he has, the better the watermelon. Seriously, try it. Forget Costco. Truck watermelon is the way to go.

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    You can have the rest of my Costco watermelon. I do NOT know how you eat them so fast! I’ve been eating at it for over a week now and haven’t even gotten through 1/4. It’s ginormous!

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    Can I borrow that set of melons, I have a date later. >_<

    I felt the same way this morning too, but you one upped me because I only stretched and "tried" to do some cardio but it was a no go.

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    Aw, I wish I could send you a big hunk of watermelon. Watermelons are alive and well in NC. I’m actually creating at least two recipes using them tonight for an NC magazine I blog for. Hope your next run is much better! All of us have less than wonderful runs sometimes. Hang in there!

  5. Christy says

    Have you looked at Trader Joe’s for watermelon? Ours in San Diego sells them for $3.50. The little ones at Costco used to be so sweet but this season they have been a bust! Why does it seem impossible to find a good watermelon?!

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    I had a dream about watermelons. Then I woke up and realized we never have melons in my house because my fiance is allergic. Lamesauce!

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    Definitely some nice melons. I might have to give yellow watermelon a try. I’m on and off with liking and not liking watermelon so the yellow might be a good thing to try!

    Those cherries though- making my mouth water. I love them and can eat them by the pound in one sitting.

    I hope you figure out your running woes soon!

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    I literally cannot stop laughing at that ecard!! This is why I love your blog :) And I can’t imagine what you’re going through without watermelon, there are not many things worse than craving a juicy watermelon and not being able to satisfy!! :(

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    I’ve been craving watermelon sorbet big time, but the watermelon here just isn’t all that good yet, either. Good luck on your quest!

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    woman, go to a farmer’s market! watermelon’s are everywhere! whit has been picking one up for me every weekend when he’s in ventura from the farm stands all over the roads….go go go go!

    and I hear ya on the fatigue…can’t figure it out.

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    Not to rub it in, but you’re right. You need to get some asap, because watermelon that I just had is DELICOIUS right now. Perfectly ripe!

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