Smoothie Eatin’ No Hands!


Like I mentioned earlier, I’m hungrier than a teenage boy this week (and coincidently have as many pimples) so I am all about VOLUME eating to fill my belly! I added the leftover fajita fixings to a big ol’ salad and paired it with a tortilla Dessert x3… Then, I headed to work. Since I’m still trying to build up clients I have kept my availability pretty open, but that means … [Read more...]

Running Hair Must Haves


I’m not on the Bondi Band wagon, but get a lot of questions about them. Sorry friends, I have never tried one and can’t speak to it. But, I do have a ton of hair on my back and through trial and error have figured out what works for me. This is my hair before a race: This is my hair after running that race: It took me 3 hours, 2 brushes, a lot of tears and conditioner to get … [Read more...]