Problem, Solution


Problem: I like to eat A LOT of food. Solution: Put your put sad ol’ frozen meal on a BIG bed of lettuce and hummus. Also, pair with crackers  Don’t show crackers on blog as the number of them consumed will horrify healthy readers. Problem: I had an almost empty nut butter jar, but am not the biggest fan of oats. Solution: Eat cereal in a jar instead! This rocked. Refill … [Read more...]

Blogger Safety at The Healthy Living Summit


I don’t know if I announced it but, I am speaking at The Healthy Living Summit!!! I am covering a topic that I feel is super important, but has not been addressed in any of the conferences I’ve attended in the past – Blogger Safety. I am currently putting together my presentation and want to make sure I get all your questions and concerns addressed. Please take a minute to … [Read more...]

Confession Thursday–Daily Food Blog


I look forward to my Confession Thursday posts. It’s nice to get things off my flat chest. Confession #1: I’ve had my hair in braids for days and recently realized I don’t actually have to ever wash it again. Score one for the stinky girl! Confession #2: I am notorious for taking a bite of something and going back 2 seconds later for another. Then, another… Speaking of candy … [Read more...]