Blogger Safety at The Healthy Living Summit

I don’t know if I announced it but, I am speaking at The Healthy Living Summit!!!hlslogo

I am covering a topic that I feel is super important, but has not been addressed in any of the conferences I’ve attended in the past – Blogger Safety. blogging-security

I am currently putting together my presentation and want to make sure I get all your questions and concerns addressed. Please take a minute to answer some questions about blogger safety (and write in your concerns if you wish)…

Click here to take survey

I really appreciate it Smile

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    When I started my blog this was the biggest reason why I almost quit. I know people love seeing pictures and like getting into the personal lives, but in the beginning I was way too afraid.

    I guess now I’ve taken the precautions and while I share pictures of myself, I don’t openly disclose other important info.

    I realize that bloggers don’t address the issue much…I think?

    So thank you for talking about this! I can’t wait to read the presentation since I can’t go to HLS.

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    I was so desperate to meet you guys and be part of this, that on a whim, I booked the trip…the weekend of my birthday. I was psyched! My Mom wasn’t…and gave me a guilt trip…Hope you guys have fun without me :( The end.


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    I really need to start thinking more about safety and privacy as I continue to blog. I used to think no one really paid any attention to my blog anyway, right? Regardless of how much traffic I get, I need to protect my kids, who are often in my blog. I’m going to be revising my “about me” section so it doesn’t give too much info.

    Thanks for making me think about this! I won’t be at HLS… will you be posting the highlights or key points of your presentation?

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