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I look forward to my Confession Thursday posts. It’s nice to get things off my flat chest.

Confession #1: I’ve had my hair in braids for days and recently realized I don’t actually have to ever wash it again. Score one for the stinky girl!IMG_6346 (600x800)

Confession #2: I am notorious for taking a bite of something and going back 2 seconds later for another. Then, another…IMG_6337 (800x600)

Speaking of candy bars, I ate this one after my first client / before kick boxing this morning. Yep, it’s a candy bar. Yep, it’s delicious.IMG_6350 (800x600)

Confession #3: I didn’t post last night because I’m bored of myself so I assume you’re bored of me too.

Recently I read a mean rant on another blog about how bullcrap daily food blogging is. Now I don’t want to be a traitor to my peeps or anything, but I had to agree with the opinion that – “Taking pictures of your same-o unexciting breakfast for the 87th time is lame.”

There was a ton of comments agreeing with this rant, but at the same time daily food blogs continue to be the most popular. I don’t get it.

Not that one random ish talker is going to stop me from doing my thing, but you can only watch the same rerun so many times before you’re sick of the show, right? Noted.

Side note: I will NOT link to this rant because I think rude posts are NOT COOLSad smile

Confession #4: I suggested Ben make hardboiled eggs for his lunch, but I planned on stealing them the whole time. He makes the best eggs and he peels them for me!IMG_6354 (600x800)

Confession #5: Our water is shut off until 11am so I can’t take a shower. No biggie (see #1).IMG_6356 (600x800)

Confession #6: Since there wasn’t a nutrition label to guide me, I have decided this package of watermelons contains 1 serving Winking smileIMG_6254 (800x600)

Confession #7: Ben’s been eating salads every day for lunch. I’m glad he’s getting healthier, but am a little worried he’s going to get skinny and I’m going to have to be the man of the house. I don’t want to hafta kill spiders! IMG_5692 (800x600)

Confession #8: I have a hard core crush on Evelyn from Basketball Wives. image

Confession #9: I left kickboxing early today because the music sucked. Boo.

Confession #10: I think the only people who ask, “Does this make me look fat?” are skinny people. If you really thought you were fat would you really want someone else to confirm it?IMG_5804 (800x600)

Got anything to confess???


  1. says

    I have (on more than one occasion) left a spin class because the music sucks. I have also left yoga classes when I find myself so bored to death that the thought of spending one more minute on the floor in the studio is unbearable.

    OH- and I had ice cream 3 times yesterday.

  2. says

    Does anyone actually use the words, “does this make me look fat?” I think I usually say, “does this [certain part] look weird to you?” That way I’ll get an honest opinion from my companion =)

    Also, as a reader who enjoys gratuitous baby pictures, 😉 I have noticed that your hair was CRAZY red as a kid and has gotten lighter over time, whereas my hair was CRAZY blonde as a kid and has gotten darker over time. Now, they are relatively the same shade of red. Weird, huh?

  3. says

    Since people can’t eat 24/7 (or maybe just don’t), I think people who love food like to look at it in those in-between times. And that is why food blogs are popular. Because open-faced nutbutter&j looks good every. single. time.

    But that’s just my two cents.

  4. says

    Whaaaaaaaaaat? Why would someone trash another blog community on a blog? Isn’t it kind of against blogger solidarity to post rude posts? You’re right–they’re SO not cool.

    For the record, I so don’t mind 87 pictures of your breakfast. Keep doing your thing–I love reading your blog! :)

  5. says

    I pretty agree with the food blogging thing. I read your blog for the humor and the running and just scroll down through the food. No offensive, but your breakfasts are rarely interesting enough. Maybe if you tried some wacky “caveman” diet, then I’d look. :)

    I feel the same way about home decorating blog. I’m like “shoot me!” but they have a ton of readers. Different strokes for different folks.

  6. says

    Re: Confession #10 (we’ll preface this with the fact that I am not.skinny.small.etc.)

    I worked with girl at a past job who was extremely unhealthy, morbidly obese, and made fun of my “health food” and running. Almost every single day she’d ask “Do you think I am fat?”, “Does this make my butt look big?”, “Do I look fat in this picture?” JUST to have a reason to react against someone.

    *rant over*

  7. says

    Confessions: 1) I don’t always shower after I weight train at the gym. Instead, I wipe of the sweat with baby wipes, put on deodorant and go back to work. No one has every complained that I smell. 2) I ate ice cream two nights in a row this week (and did not feel guilty at all). 3) I cannot think about anything to blog about today 4) I’m craving ice cream now…

  8. Julie says

    I don’t want my boyfriend to start working out hard core cause then he’d be even more skinny + muscles, and I’d be the short fat girlfriend and people would be all “why is that hot guy dating that short fat troll woman/child??”

    as for the mean post, I read it too…and I’m starting to think (well, I guess I’ve thought it for a while) the writers of mean posts are obviously unhappy in their lives about SOMETHING (doesn’t have to be blog-related) so they feel the need to bring others down. I feel like these mean girls read these blogs for the sole purpose of bitching about them. I don’t know…they are like mean old hags and they’re not even out of their 20’s/30’s yet.

  9. says

    I’m trying to post less food…like “this is what I ate” simply because I am bored of it and I eat the same stuff.

    What I don’t get is how certain people’s posts about oatmeal every single day can get 200+ comments. It’s oatmeal. I don’t get it…

    Mean comments are rude! Boycott!

  10. says

    hahaha omg your thursday confessions always have me laughing. I agree with the “does this make me look fat” statement sooo much….only skinny biotches want that confirmation that they are indeed skinny. And your blog is NOT a boring, daily food blog like others who seem to post 3-4 times a day about having a hand in the bag of Doritos. For me, blogs need substance and yours has that! Keep doing what you are doing because, Mon, you ain’t boring or lame :)

  11. says

    I love that you left kick boxing because of bad music! If the music’s not good, then you can’t get pumped up for it!

    Keep taking those pictures of your breakfasts! They always give me ideas and make me jealous when I realize I had lame oatmeal and you had awesome waffles or French toast!

  12. says

    I agree with you, mean comments are BS. I really don’t understand why people do that… if I’m getting sick of the content on a blog I skim over it for a little while… or if its just really not my thing anymore I don’t read it. Why bother to get worked up! Plus, someone pours their time and heart into those posts… if you think about it for a minute its going to hurt that person’s feelings.

    On a related note – not bored of you :)

    And confession Thursday might be my favourite day on RER – hilarious!

  13. says

    Truthfully I am over the repeated pictures of toast but mostly because I read blogs for cexciting ontent and find that kind of boring. I don’t mind if people post their eats but I want there to be something interesting, though provoking, funny or engaging about the rest of the post. If I sense that the post is there for the sake of posting and is featuring food to fulfill an advertising requirement I am less inclined to want to keep coming back.

    That’s my two cents about that…

  14. says

    i think thats awesome you left kickboxing bc of bad music. it makes a huge difference doesnt it? i get so pumped when teachers play good music. i took a yoga class once that played rap…that was the best class of all time.

    i dont love the mean posts people write either but i guess they have to differentiate themselves somehow. i think, whatever its your blog, write what u pics of ur food if u want…clearly u have people who love it!

  15. says

    Haa! I have sooo left numerous step classes cos the instructors sucked. same routine every week and trying to go slow for the regulars. who have taken the class for almost two years. i hate that. change the routine. routine does not bring change.

    I think whoever left the rude comment needs to take a step back. if someone doesnt like something on someones blog then get over it and dont go to the blog anymore. its their blog they can post what they want. or even then leave a constructive comment/suggestion. the thing about these blogs is that its each persons forum to say and post what they want. grant it we all may not like it but thats our choice to logoff and view another blog.

    Monica- keep doing you. i like seeing what you eat. i’ve recreated things from your food pics. 😀 salads with hummus as the “dressing” and i discovered a new flavor hummus that i am in love with. plus your humor is awesome. regardless of my day i always check your blog at least 5 times a day.

  16. says

    Along the lines of #6…I bought my 7th zillion bag of cherries this week and ate the whole bag in one sitting. I blame Monica….but am totally cool with that :-)

  17. Ida says

    I love your confession posts! Hard boiled eggs are so good, I need to start eating more of them. Actually my favorite part of hard boiled eggs is using the egg slicer!

  18. says

    I’d imagine mean rants generate interest and traffic: I must admit that I don’t know who posted this rant or which blog it was, but now I indeed want to read that blog, even though I don’t agree with such mean-ness.

    I love everything about your blog, food included. You’re one of the few bloggers out there that doesn’t blindly follow trends and instead eats foods she obviously likes, as opposed to because they’re ‘cool.’ And you’ve introduced me to so many new foods associated with different cultures over the year I’ve been reading too!


    • Ang says

      I think it’s Melissa Nibbles who did the blog post. She’s hilarious tho. Once in awhile, it’s good to stir up discussion about the topic (but, rudeness is not cool).

        • Angie says

          Ah, I shouldn’t have assumed. I thought I was maybe mistaken since I didn’t think the Nibbles post was mean either. Oh wells, the rude posting will be a mystery to me! But on a side note.. I like your blog. :)

  19. Michelle says

    I don’t mind daily food blogs that show the same meals 87 times in a row. It makes me feel better about the fact that I’ve eaten basically the same breakfast for at least the past 6 months. As far as someone else ranting about that, well they don’t have to post/read such a blog. Negativity is counterproductive to what a food/exercise blog should be. I assume that most people come read this for ideas, inspiration and motivation. Sometimes to be motivated, you need to see the same thing again and again before it sinks in. I love reading this blog, for it’s honesty and for being real. Keep up the good work!

  20. says

    I have several things I wanted to comment on here, so I’m sorry this might be a long comment. I’ll use numbers so it doesn’t look like a wall of text, though!

    1. I think taking pictures of the same breakfast every single day can get really lame. At the same time, I do follow some awesome daily food bloggers that I adore and it’s because there’s more to it than that. I love the personality and the stories that come with it. And I love that they’re okay not posting every little thing they eat or oatmeal for a week straight. Yes, they still blog daily and include lots of food, but it’s not about the mandatory 3 posts a day with every single food item photographed and that’s it. And I only keep up with ones that are happy to share the weird combinations of foods, or the “real” eating that doesn’t make them out to be the perfect human who only eats what is perfectly balanced and nutritious 100% of the time.

    2. No way are we bored with you. Yay for taking a break if you feel you need one, but don’t do it because you think we’re bored. 😛

    3. If he makes the best boiled eggs, have him do a dozen at a time. They last in the fridge for a while and you can have the perfect eggs even when he’s not there. Unless of course, it’s more about him cooking and peeling them for you at the moment you decide you want them, hehe.

    4. I was describing your site to someone the other day, and in addition to other things, I said something along the lines of “Food and fitness bloggers have this sort of unwritten rule of being PG-13 because it’s for public eyes and such, but this woman slips in pictures and innuendos here or there that just makes me love her even more.” Okay, so quoting it might make it sound a little creepy, but seeing the picture of your “melons” made me giggle, even if this time it wasn’t intended. 😛

    5. Kickboxing is only really fun if the music kicks a$$, too.

  21. says

    My confession is that I’m totally burnt out on running right now, but am signed up for a few different halves up until February. And the way they’re spaced makes me feel like I don’t have too much time to take breaks. I refuse to withdrawal because I spent the money and love the actual running during the race, but training right now is horrible and is making me super cranky.

    And in regards to the food blogger issue. Some of them are boring- one extremely popular one has gotten so mundane I’ve stopped reading. I don’t think it’s about the food, though, as much as the writing tone (for me anyway). You can make a bowl of oatmeal humorous and interesting through your quirky writing style- you have nothing to worry about :) Keep it up.

  22. Malorie says

    I read that rude post and thought it was pretty mean too. I don’t really care about what you (or other daily food bloggers) eat and pretty much skim over it, but I think you’re funny so I like to read your blog. And it’s your blog so you get to post about whatever you want!

  23. Kay says

    I have a confession…I love your blog and how often you post. You seem a little crazy and goofy (in the best ways) and I love reading the things your write! lol Confession #2, I check your blog throughout the day and was dissapointed to not have one to read first thing in the AM. This may be a little sad I know…lol But keep on keeping on girl, cuz your readers love what you do and haters…Well they are just meanies anyways lol

  24. says

    Fine, I’ll be the commenter who joins in on the unwashed hair confession. I finally washed my hair today. I won’t tell you how long it’d been, but that I did wear my hair in a bun yesterday (for the first time in a loooong time) just to avoid washing it. :)
    I read the rant as well. I thought about commenting, but didn’t want to get drawn into a fight. I do not read any blogs that are just “here are my three meals today.” Many of the blogs I read do include a daily rundown of food – but I’m typically there for the stories. I scan through the meals for yummy ideas (like cheetos on salad) and skip the 100th cereal bowl.

  25. says

    confession #1: I haven’t washed my hair in 4 days. But i’m running today, so afterwards I will. Maybe. Ok, I will.

    confession #2: I don’t know what to blog about tonight. my food is boring and i think my blog is now boring. bah.

  26. says

    I think people like food blogs because it feels like we have a friend through the internet, who is with us all day long. Kind of like having a roommate – we like reading the “boring” or amusing details of your day and that includes what you ate, what you wore, and where you ran. It’s more about a feeling of camaraderie than smoothie glamour shots.

    It’s real people, living their lives – and being generous enough to share.

    • sally kate @themoxiegirl says

      i know that’s not really a confession- but that fact that i thought my boyfriend was unnecessarily worried about getting sun burnt and stupid for wearing a longer sleeved shirt…

  27. Lorin says

    Honestly if that person doesn’t like reading 3 meal a day food blogs then that person doesn’t have to! That person shouldn’t be yelling at a blogger saying how they don’t like reading about their breakfast, well they have control and they don’t have to if they don’t want! I like reading it because you see how other people live their daily lives more. It’s just annoying what that person said and I feel bad for the blogger who had that comment because everyone has control what they want to do and that person doesn’t have to read it if he or she doesn’t want to!! Bloggers work hard, they don’t need that crap.

  28. says

    I admit I have stopped reading certain blogs because they just post the same thing all the time. Yes, repetitive pictures get boring, but only if they have no personality behind them! I don’t even notice if you repeat pictures because I’m too busy laughing along with what you’ve typed. And I’ve noticed that a lot of the repeat picture people have zero personality. There are totally exceptions, so I wouldn’t say it was a rule or anything. (Although I really want to read this rant blog!! I love rants, because it gets out tension… lol)

  29. Katie P says

    Confession #1- I don’t love running- I want to, cause all the cool kids with blogs do 😉 But I haven’t been able to find the love. If anyone has any helpful tips I’d love them. I am slow and I gotta push to hold a 10:30 pace. I am always amazed reading how so many folks are busting out 8:50 pace. I try not to compare myself, but it’s HARD.

    Confession #2- I haven’t exercised in 3 days. And I don’t have a good excuse other than I have been feeling LAZY, and now I am feeling guilty, and I don’t want to.. and shouldn’t. I keep telling myself it’s only 3 days. I have a date with the gym today though. My workout clothes and sneakers are in the car and I am headed to sweat straight from work!

    Confession #3- I ate ice cream everyday I didn’t work out. If I am gonna be lazy I am going all the way!

    Monica I love your blog and your sense of humor. I want to move to So. Cal so you can train me, help keep me motivated and laughing! You are inspiring, stay true to yourself and you’ll keep succeeding!

  30. Lauren says

    I actually agree with the post about how boring/unhealthy it is to be so fixated on your food and the food of others. If it is the post I’m thinking of, it wasn’t mean at all! It was actually pretty insightful. I’ve stopped reading those boring blogs but continue to read yours because you are entertaining and THAT is probably why people stick around!

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