Five Friday Favorites and Ask A Monican


I love the “f” word – Friday. So here’s a collection of Five Friday Favorites: 1. Single serving watermelons. But, gimme two of them 2. Fruit and cereal. Just not together – learned that the hard way today… 3. Green eyeliner. I haven’t been wearing makeup at all this week, but today I busted out the green eyeliner and it was like I had a makeover. 4. Bread, in this case … [Read more...]

Five Miles and Flapjack Friday


It’s Friday!!! I’m jumping for joy about it being Friday – NOT about my run. I did 5.7 miles slow. My legs felt tired and I didn’t want to push it since I have a long run tomorrow. I think I ate pumpkin pancakes for breakfast every day this week except one. Doing some quick math the recipe is under 500 calories with toppings! It’s so delicious and decadent it seems like much … [Read more...]