Five Miles and Flapjack Friday

It’s Friday!!!IMG_6375 (800x600)

I’m jumping for joy about it being Friday – NOT about my run. I did 5.7 miles slow. My legs felt tired and I didn’t want to push it since I have a long run tomorrow. IMG_6374 (800x600)

I think I ate pumpkin pancakes for breakfast every day this week except one. Doing some quick math the recipe is under 500 calories with toppings! It’s so delicious and decadent it seems like much more SmileIMG_6377 (800x600)

I also polished off the cherries because it was about that time…IMG_6383 (800x600)

I have to rush off for a noon appointment, so I’ll be back in a bit!

Question: Happy it’s Friday?!


  1. says

    I actually don’t care that it’s Friday since I am kinda on vacation for a few weeks it doesn’t seem like a different day! I never thought I would think that!

  2. Kristen says

    How do you get up to running 5+ miles? And how do you get so fast?! I’ve been running for four months now and my fastest mile is 12 minutes…your slow is probably faster than my fast. And those pancakes look gooooooood =]

    • Katie P says

      Kristen I totally feel you. I I am huffing and puffing to maintain a 10:30 pace and I can’t fathom being able to maintain the pace that Monica does. But everyone has their own pace and we are all rockstars for getting out and trying our best (at least that is what I try to tell myself)

  3. Frances says

    I totally want your pumpkin pancakes! Is it the same as the pankcake link, just add a can of pumpkin??? It sounds like such a great post-run breakfast!

  4. Ashley says

    What distance run do you have tomorrow? A friend and i are going to meet up and do a 10-12…depending on how we feel—Only thing is..we are meeeting in Encinitas—if you wanna join!

  5. says

    I just recently found your blog and was reading some of your old posts and really enjoy your discussions of intuitive eating. I can relate so much to your feelings of guilt, being angry with my hunger, etc. It is awesome that you have worked so much to overcome these things and I truly think its inspiring! Not to mention you make some delicious looking pancakes! Cant wait to meet you at HLS!

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