Search Me Sunday and Almond Cupcakes


Last night I needed to snack bake. My favorite baked good is chocolate chip cookies but I ate all my chocolate chips (shocker). So, I made my almond cupcake recipe and stirred in some cocoa. Plus, I made frosting with PB and agave. Very good. My day involved food shopping (which I enjoy just as much as clothes shopping) and cleaning. While cleaning Ben stopped me to ask, “Why … [Read more...]

Sunday Morning Zumba


Hello! I started my day with a grumbling belly and a few handfuls of the new Fiber One cereal. The company sent me to try it because they found out from some database that I’m a cereal killa. Ben made a soy chorizo scramble and I ate it Then, I went to Zumba!!! I am loving Zumba and am toying with the idea of getting certified But, I don’t look the part since I dress like … [Read more...]