Giveaway – Food Cures by Joy Bauer


I had an evening client so I ate dinner a bit early and came home to a big ol’ smoothie. If you’re new around these parts here is my Green Monster Recipe. If you want a dessert-y smoothie try the one on my recipe page. I say it every single time but taste in protein powder varies greatly, so you hafta find one that you love. That’s what really “makes” a good smoothie. … [Read more...]

Meatfull Mexican Monday–Crockpot Chicken Tacos


Let’s settle some rumors here – the real reason I was called “Cheap and Easy” in college was for my style of cooking. Seriously, right after that picture was taken I made a snack out 99 Cent store crackers and stolen packs of restaurant jam… Anyways, here’s another super cheap and easy recipe in honor of Mexican Meatless Meatfull Monday… Crockpot Chicken Tacos 1. Take a jar … [Read more...]

Shorts, No Buns


Happy Monday! I started my day with a 4 mile run – no Garmin since I just wanted this to be a recovery run. Good thing because I felt slow and confirming it on my watch makes me feel bad I also wore shorts again today. Oddly, I have 62 pairs of running shorts but wore this pair again so you guys would think I never wash them. After my Running Hair Must Haves post  … [Read more...]