Eat This Now–Chocolate Sunflower Butter Snack


I’ve been out of Sunflower Seed Butter for a couple weeks and didn’t want to let myself buy any more because I was going through a jar in less than 1 week! But, I caved and got more today. (It’s $3.99 at Trader Joes.) Spread a generous amount of sunflower butter on a piece of bread. Sprinkle on some chocolate chips. Melt or toast in a microwave/toaster oven. Eat.This.Now. … [Read more...]

Summer Chafing is Back


Hello and Happy Tuesday! This morning I realized I switched my training days on accident and should have 8 miles on the agenda today (tomorrow is 4 and Zumba). So, I took along my water bottle and attempted 8 hot miles… Unfortunately, I only made it 7.77 and they were super slow. Average pace was 9:22 / mile. I didn’t even realize how sweaty I was until I got back and scared … [Read more...]