Summer Chafing is Back

Hello and Happy Tuesday! This morning I realized I switched my training days on accident and should have 8 miles on the agenda today (tomorrow is 4 and Zumba). So, I took along my water bottle and attempted 8 hot miles…IMG_0127 (800x600)

Unfortunately, I only made it 7.77 and they were super slow. Average pace was 9:22 / mile.IMG_0130 (800x600)

I didn’t even realize how sweaty I was until I got back and scared myself in the mirror!My shirt was drenched and I smelled pretty stank. Side note: I never put deodorant on before morning runs because I’m just coming back home to shower. Do you?do-us-a-favor-stinky(

In addition to the sweat I have some pretty bad chafing going on from the middle of my sports bra. Nothing like getting into the shower full of sweat after your skin has been rubbed raw. Ouch!!!IMG_0128 (800x600)

Despite my stink, sweat and lack of skin I made breakfast before showering. A bowl of watermelon was the highlight. It’s Tuesday. I’m almost out of watermelon. I bought it on Sunday. Ben hasn’t had 1 bite of it. You do the math.IMG_6243 (800x533)

And a breakfast burrito stuffed with egg, beans and guacamole to round out the meal. I really need to eat eggs for breakfast every day. I just feel more full after this kinda breakfast Smile IMG_6248 (800x533)

Question: Do you wear deodorant to run or to the gym?

I stink.


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    I don’t wear deodorant to work out. What good is it going to do when my entire body is sweating? I’m also glad I’m not the only one who will wander around in my sweaty clothes to make breakfast before showering :)

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    I am LOVING that you are going back to Zumba!!! I chafe really badly from my sports bras too. Last summer, I looked like I had matching tattoos. I even scarred. I know that it’s expensive but the BodyGlide does work. It lasts forever too. As far as deodorant, I always put it on. I still stink after a run, but it makes me feel better.

  3. says

    Ouch sounds painful. I usually run in the morning and skip on anything but sunscreen at the moment. I stink too and I am proud of it. Means I worked hard. I love your blog btw. I have been reading it for some time now. Great humor!!!

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    I don’t mind the showers as much if I don’t notice the chaffing while I’m running. If I feel the chaffing both during the run AND in the shower, I’m mad. And I wear deodorant on morning runs (in the summer) because my armpits chafe. True story!

    I’ll be running in your neck of the woods this weekend. I’m looking forward to low humidity.

  5. says

    I usually wear deodorant but I am anything but clean when I work out in the AM. Today I wore the same gym clothes that I wore the day before (out of necessity, but still pretty gross). I noticed that nobody wanted to be next to me during spin class. Are they trying to tell me something…?

  6. says

    Ouch, chafing hurts.
    I only wear deoderant if I’m going to the gym in the morning, to be courteous to my fellow gym rats. If I’m just running around the neighborhood, I skip the deoderant.

  7. says

    Gym, yes. Morning runs, no. I just hope there is some left over from the day before 😉

    I have a serious watermelon addiction right now. I ate an entire half watermelon all to myself one night, and the other half the next night. It is so, so refreshing and delicious.

  8. Holly says

    I do not wear deodorant during runs. I’m by myself and will shower afterwards anyway, right?

    I do wear it to the gym. I’ll TRY and control my odor the best as possible. I’ve had some smelly people next to me and it sucks. Just yesterday, some guy on the TM next to me smelled like a garbage can; no lie. It was bad.

  9. says

    I seem to become a hot, sweaty mess with every run this summer. I try to put deodorant on beforehand, but it usually slips my mind. I’m sure the people eating dinner of the city sidewalks loved it last night as I ran by. Such a great sight and smell while enjoying a delicious meal!

  10. Katie says

    Always deodorant. I feel gross without it.

    As for chafing + shower, I used to use these giant waterproof bandages under my chest to prevent the ridiculous pain of showering/running. Maybe they will help you. I couldn’t handle it!

    And I won’t stay in workout clothes for long if I was sweaty because they say it’s really bad for you and can cause . . . those fun infections. 😛

  11. says

    I wear deodorant when I go to the gym or a group run (trying to be considerate of folks around me), but when I am by myself first thing in the morning, I usually skip it. Do you brush your teeth before you go running?

  12. says

    I usually wear deodorant when I go to the gym or a group run (trying to be considered of others), but if I am running by myself first thing in the morning, I skip it. Do you brush your teeth before running?

  13. says

    I do wear deodorant because I think it keeps my under arms from chafing like crazy.

    Last night I ran a super sweaty 3 miles and then did house work in my stinky clothes for a couple hours before frantically jumping in the shower as I heard my husband opening the garage door :)

  14. says

    I only put some on if I’m going to the gym and expect to see people.. otherwise it’s just one more thing to worry about.

    Ugh about the chafing, I totally feel you… I can handle sweat but the chafing bugs.

  15. Christin says

    I wear deodorant out of habit generally, especially to the gym, but if I was off work that day and just running around the neighborhood I would probably skip the deodorant, because to your point, i’m just gonna shower after anyway! :)

  16. says

    I never wear deodorant to workout. I figure my pits aren’t the only stinky sweaty area so why bother? Anyway I don’t think I really smell that much so I guess it’s not really something I think about.

  17. says

    I don’t usually put deodorant on just to go run, especially if I am on my own. I hate that the antiperspirant makes my armpits all filmy in the shower, especially if I just put it on an hour beforehand!

    I am yet to experience major chaffage (knock on wood) but I have found that the ButtShielf from 2toms is pretty great…especially if you manage to sunburn your chest in all the places your sports bra rubs! Ow!

  18. says

    I always wear deodorant when I go for a run. I can’t stand to smell anything less than fabulous. I’ve been trying to find all natural, aluminum free deodorant, but none so far have proven to prevent odor.

  19. says

    Chafe sucks! I hate when you step in the shower, didn’t realize you had chafing and then suddenly the ouch starts to happen. It’s making me cringe just thinking about it now. Ahhh, delicious watermelon

  20. says

    I never think about deoderant when I roll out of bed to run before work. I try to remember deoderant when I’m working out with others, but I don’t even always do that because I’m so used to not worrying about it.

    Mmmmm…your breakfast. I don’t blame you for attacking that watermelon. Looks awfully juicy and delicious :)

  21. Kat says

    I wear deodorant when I workout because my underarm sweat smells worse than say, my chest or back sweat. Although I usually do swipe deodorant between my boobs. Just in case. Oh and for the chafing, if you don’t want buy expensive stuff, then try a gel deodorant on the spots that chaf. Apply, let it dry for a couple of minutes and it should help.

  22. Jessica says

    Love Joy!! The best book that I have read so far is the Beck Diet Solution. Lots of useful tips. I also love Bethenny Frankel’s book.

  23. says

    I’m so glad i’m not the only one who doesnt wear Dee-oh during morning runs. you’re going to just shower anyway! especially if you’re not going out with anyone to run!

    Sorry about your chest chafe.. time for some new bras?

  24. Jill says

    Lanacane anti-chafing gel. It’s new out, and available in larger drugstores. About $8 for a tube but a little goes a long way. Not as gooey sticky as body glide but it works.
    As for deodorant, it goes on automatically before I even open my eyes, kinda like washing my face and brushing my teeth. Couldn’t leave the bathroom never mind the house without doing those things.

  25. says

    haha you eat watermelon like i do. ryan is getting tired of me refusing to share.

    true story-i’ve been to 3 stores in the past 2 days to try and hunt down a watermelon. supposedly they’re arriving today. you can bet i’ll be back!

  26. JessicaEn says

    I tend to shower twice since I work part-time in the evenings. So I guess its lucky that i put it on after my evening bath so when i wake up I still have some on and am ready to go :)

  27. says

    I always wear deodorant when I work out… I sweat so much that I will still be a smelly beast after a run, so it’s even worse if I don’t. I also chafe sooo badly- I actually bled from the chafe marks my sports bra gave me last week!

  28. Mary Magiera says

    ha ha! I actually never wear deordorant or more like it’s a slim chance if I do! I love being sweaty too, I always feel like i’ve done a good workout if I’m sweaty. I do have a question- When do you think it’s too hot to run outside? I’m going away to nantucket for a week and I want to run on their bike paths but the temps are going to be in the 90s! Have you ever not run because you thought it was too hot- or what do you do to make sure you’re properly hydrated.

  29. says

    I usually wear deodorant. I have this gross tendency to re-wear some running stuff so I feel like deodorant helps. :)

    Chafing + shower = PAIN. The first time I ever got chafing I didn’t realize it till I got in the shower and screamed bloody murder when the water hit me!

  30. says

    I do wear deodorant if I’m going to the gym (for the others who are trying to workout and not smell me). But for outside runs I don’t. I run alone, so what’s the point in wasting perfectly good product that I’m coming home and washing off anyway.

    I like to think that I’m being thrifty, but I’m really just cheap.

  31. says

    No deodorant for me for a run! What’s the point? It’s not like deodorant is going to stop my massive sweat…maybe if I tried smothering my body in it…

  32. Amanda @FancyOatmeal says

    I do put deodorant on before running and working out but only for my own benefit. I smell like total bunk if I don’t. The deodorant helps me smell like powdery bunk though. #SmallVictories

  33. says

    I’ve been reading your blog for awhile now, and I can’t help but notice how you’re not always happy with your runs. You should be, though! You get out there every day, no matter if you feel like it or not, which is awesome! You should give yourself some credit for having the motivation to get out there and do your thang, girl- especially when others are still sitting on the couch! 😉

  34. says

    I don’t even OWN deodorant. Too many chemicals. I shower every day after my run – that’s enough for me. And, I agree with Sarah – you are too hard on yourself.

  35. says

    I don’t put deoderant on EVER! Ok I am kidding, but I don’t put it on before first thing in the morning workouts! I wear my stinch like a badge of honor!

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