Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links


My little peep Melissa from Trying to Heal nominated me to do the “7 Links Post” going around. I am supposed to list links to the following posts: Most Beautiful: This isn’t really a post, but My Wedding tab is my favorite in terms of love beauty and aesthetic beauty. But if I’m playing by the rules… Monica and Ben. Most Popular: 1. I have a couple of posts that are close in … [Read more...]

The Watermelon Heart


Do you know what a watermelon heart is? No, it’s not what my heart is turning into since I am on my second watermelon of the week and it’s only Wednesday! Even though I wouldn’t be surprised or made if my heart was made of h2o melon! This is love. No, the watermelon heart is found when you cut it in half and one side has a big ol’ heart sticking out… See? This is a … [Read more...]

Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas


I’ll recap last night’s show in a bit – but I’m rushed to get out the door so here is this morning… I woke up and made Ben a yogurt bowl before my run. Sounds nice, but my real motive was to try some of the new granola Love Grown Foods sent. Then, I warmed up with some cat dancing… He likes it. I think. I’m wearing shorts again. I’ve decided shorts work for runs of 4 miles … [Read more...]