Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas

I’ll recap last night’s show in a bit – but I’m rushed to get out the door so here is this morning…

I woke up and made Ben a yogurt bowl before my run. Sounds nice, but my real motive was to try some of the new granola Love Grown Foods sent.IMG 6255 800x533 thumb Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas

Then, I warmed up with some cat dancing…IMG 6270 800x533 thumb Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas

He likes it. I think.IMG 6272 800x533 thumb Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas

I’m wearing shorts again. I’ve decided shorts work for runs of 4 miles or less, but these Nike ones ride up 14x more than my other ones.IMG 6280 533x800 thumb Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas

I had an awesome run!!! I did 4 miles – 1 warm up, 2 tempo and 1 cool down.

  • Mile 1: 9:01
  • Mile 2: 8:07
  • Mile 3: 7:38
  • Mile 4: 8:49

Who am I?!?!  That is a ridiculously good run for ol’ “Slowlivas”. Get it? cause my last name is Olivas? No? Nevermind.

Then, I came home to a massive smoothie and toast.IMG 6285 533x800 thumb Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas

I like my layer of sunflower seed butter like Ben likes his women, thick.IMG 6283 800x533 thumb Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas

Question: What would your nickname be if you could give yourself one?

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  1. says

    Wow, super speedy run–that’s so awesome! I’ve had nicknames my whole life, but my favorite is still my childhood family nickname: Gavrielli Smelly Jelly Belly (sometimes just shortened to Smelly Jelly). I guess it sounds a little gross now that I think about it, but my family called me that until I went away to college. Kidding…sort of.

  2. says

    I wore shorts on my run yesterday..but was on the treadmill at the gym and I thought my thighs were going to start a fire!!!

    I have never tried Sunflower butter..but I love the seeds..does it taste similiar?

    • says

      Hey Erin :) Yes, they do taste similar – which is weird at first. But it grew on me. I think it’s very “butter-y” (like butter) if that makes sense…

      How are you? Will I see you at HLS?!

      • says

        I am great..just coming back from a blogging break..getting ready for my next 1/2..YAY!!

        I will not be at am in the process of buying a house and our tentative settlement date is that weekend:( :)

  3. says

    I about fell off my chair at the “I like my layer of sunflower seed butter like Ben likes his women, thick” comment. That definitely would have earned me some crazy looks at work, thanks.

    My running nickname is Floater. I earned that from mistakingly saying I finally got a “floater” picture where it actually looks like I’m running.

    …and you are speedy gonzalivas if you ask me. See what I did there?

  4. says

    I think your cat likes dancing almost as much as my dog does.
    When I played dodge ball competitively (kidding…intramural) my name was Asszilla. (Alyssa >Assyla> Asszilla…?). Oh the irony of not having a large booty.

  5. says

    I read this book where one of the characters was nicknamed “The Darkness.” I have always wanted that to be my nickname because as a 5’4″ blonde I am not terribly intimidating and I feel it would give me that extra boost to make people not mess with me.

  6. Christin says

    Dude, you are my hero…I am so going home from work this afternoon and putting a handful of chocolate chips from my stash on some peaunut butter and toast.
    The sales reps I work for nicknamed me “ninja” because I handle things all ninjastically according to them. My husband and I call each other a variety of super obnoxious (according to my sister) names which I won’t actually list here for fear of ridicule and scorn (which would both be deserved, btw) lol.

  7. says

    So I have no idea what I would give myself as a nickname but during my first semester of grad school one of my classmates decided my nickname was Sassy and most of the time it was just Sass. It stuck to the point that the professors and everyone still call me that!

  8. says

    And I thought I married the only white guys who likes big ol’ bootys… no really, my family was shocked I didn’t marry a latin guy.

    So I had an annoying nickname in school Schiller the Thriller, and once I got married it turned to Sutterlicious

  9. says

    My nickname used to be “tatas” — and then I lost 80 pounds and my size E boobs. Take that scummy bitches that I am no longer friends with

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