I get deliveries fairly often, but today included two particularly great ones!!! I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but my Bodybugg died last week I called the company and a customer service rep tried to walk me through a few ways to fix it. We tried 3 different things, but it still wouldn’t work. (I’m pretty sure my sweaty armpit killed it.) So, they sent me a UPS label to … [Read more...]

Tastes Like Chicken and Zumba Sign Up


Ben came home for lunch today since I don’t have any clients until the evening. We use to do this all the time, but since I started my new life I’ve been working too close to lunch time to make it happen. Vegas decided to join us as well I picked up these new-to-me veggie chick’n patties on clearance the other day… …and chopped them up to go on a salad. I ended up using 2 … [Read more...]

No Ice Iced Coffee


Hello and Happy Thursday I have a mid-length run scheduled for tomorrow and a 10k on Saturday so I’m taking today easy. I’m planning on taking a long walk to catch up with my BFF on the phone in a minute. Breakfast was an egg burrito and tons of watermelon. It’s too good, I can’t stop. And Iced Coffee with no ice We don’t have any ice because our refrigerator broke this … [Read more...]