Foodie Friday 7/22/2011


This is a full day of eats in one post I am really digging this style because it’s so easy to see how I’m fueling and if I’m snacking away the day. So Friday is now Foodie Friday – I got this name from Aron from Runner’s Rambles and LOVE it!( Before my crappy 6 miler I had a few handfuls of cereal. I came back to French Toast Friday with tons of Sunflower … [Read more...]

Too Hot To Run?


Happy Friday! Are you doing the Friday Dance? No? Just me? Okay… No dance? How about a “F” for Friday… We are all out of almond milk so I had to use this chocolate soymilk in my iced coffee this morning. Darn I stalled way too long to get out and run so my 6 miles today was a fail. On days I don’t have to get to work early (I don’t go in until 1pm today) I end up doing blog … [Read more...]