Granola Makes Everything Better.


I had a break before my 5pm client so I rushed home to turn off the crock pot. And since I was there and all I figured a snack was in order I made a smoothie in a bowl with tons of Love Grown Foods granola. Put chocolate chips in something and I’m you’re biggest fan. I got home from work after eight was super grateful for dinner to already be done! Roasted broccoli, sweet … [Read more...]

Lunch Break Blogging


Before my mid-morning client I had a hardboiled egg on the way out the door. After that, I had 45 minutes to come home, eat lunch and blog. Which brings me here… Luckily, my favorite lunch doesn’t require any cooking! A massive salad and Popchips is perfect to me. I realized the calories from this meal were kinda low. Since I have 5 clients back-to-back right now I decided … [Read more...]

Watermelon Redecorating


Happy Monday! I started my day with an easy 4 miler average pace 9:09. No music, just thoughts Then, I came home to an egg burrito and watermelon breakfast. I woke up early and have a busy day so I’m hoping smaller meals through out the day keep me going today! Notice my new placemat??? My mom is an enabler and is encouraging my watermelon obsession! Remember when she … [Read more...]