Ask a Monican #14


This afternoon morning I had an early lunch because we had a noon Personal Training Team meeting at work. Luckily (?), I was hungry at 11am. Same deal as always, salad (and lots of it) with Peanut Dressing. Then, I headed to work. I forgot my phone (major fail because clients call to cancel/confirm on my cell). But, I remembered my watermelon for a snack! Obviously my … [Read more...]

Tempo Tuesday and Oat Brancakes


When I checked my Marathon Training Plan this morning and saw “8 Miles” I was not excited. Just didn’t have the energy, you know? So I made a deal with la diabla myself – I’d only do 6 miles, but with 4 at tempo. Deal. 6 miles (4 tempo) – 51:59 Average Pace 8:40 Mile 1: 9:07 Mile 2:8:28 Mile 3: 8:37 (hill in there) Mile 4: 8:12 (downhill next two) Mile 5: 8:15 … [Read more...]