Ask a Monican #14

This afternoon morning I had an early lunch because we had a noon Personal Training Team meeting at work. Luckily (?), I was hungry at 11am. Same deal as always, salad (and lots of it) with Peanut Dressing.IMG_6457 (800x600)

Then, I headed to work. I forgot my phone (major fail because clients call to cancel/confirm on my cell). But, I remembered my watermelon for a snack! Obviously my priorities are in order Winking smileIMG_6466 (600x800)

Trader Joes Tuesday find – Hummus Dressing! This is perfect because I use hummus as dressing 99% of the time anyways!trader joes hummus dressing

I had a break between my afternoon and evening clients and rushed home to tape Ask a Monican Number 14

Questions Answered:

1. Do you have "free" foods?
2. Did you ever dye your hair black?
3. Were you scared for your first double digit run?
4. Do you get disappointed when you can’t stick to your marathon training program mileage?

If you have a question for this Monican email me at runeatrepeat at gmail or leave it in the comments. I’ll also be doing an update on personal training so, questions about that are cool.


  1. says

    LOVED THIS. I think its so cool that you do these and are so honest about everything. The free food question didn’t make sense to me when I read it but the way you explained it definitely clicked with me. Thanks for being “weird”, haha

  2. says

    ok…so you are super cool and super cute and a much faster runner than I am…lol…does that sound stalkerish???

    Love ask a Monican!!

  3. says

    Your “ask a Monican” was really funny today – but I especially liked the “did you ever dye your hair black?” As a fellow redhead, I did die my hair black once! What a terrible idea – I went through phases after that where parts were different shades of black and/or platinum. Now that my hair is all black to it’s bright, shiny red state, friends and family threaten to kill me if I ever dye it again!

  4. griselda says

    you’re so awesome! :) i love your blog! the honesty shows through and keeps me coming back several times a day for more.

  5. says

    I’ll never forget the first time I ran over ten miles. It felt amazzzzzzzing, but there was a little bit of fear beforehand that I couldn’t do it… the anticipation was the worst part! (:

    My free foods are chocolate & peanut butter. They’re my rewards 😀

  6. says

    Hummus dressing!?!? I live in Boston… I wonder when it will make it’s way over to this coast!?

    I have never dyed my hair black… I would look like a goth queen if I did.

    I AM scared for my first double digit run! I am training for a half marathon… next long run for me will be 8 miles… which is also scary!

    My Sister really has the marathon training down… I however have a hard time varying the type of runs… especially regarding speed. I just cannot seem to increase my pace and it is really discouraging :( Right now the fastest while still comfortable mile I can run is 9:30 and that feels fast for me!

    I also do not embrace rest days. I run every day because if I do not I will bite my hand off. I consider 2 miles easy enough for a rest day, no? I sit at a desk all day so all I want to do at the end of the day is RUN!!!

  7. says

    I totally compare myself to everyone with running. I am always frustrated and feel like I suck! I really need to quit thinking about what other people can do or maybe I should just start hating on them hmmm…. :-)

  8. says

    Great clip this week! You seriously covered some topics that I’m going through. With training to run (mind you I’m slow as hell but I’m a newbie runner – I think I’ll always be a newbie) I’m going on vaca in PR (YAY!) in 2 weeks but I have 2 long runs scheduled. My OCD kicked in and I planned out 2 runs through google maps & mapmyrun BUT I’m totally ok with not running if it’s crazy hot or if the areas that I mapped out are, um, kind of ghetto. I’ll run through my hood but not a hood on the islands!

    AND I’m totally a volume eater. Is that a Latin thing? Because I lurve me loads of guac and hummus on my salads. Total volume. I do the same thing with low cal foods.

  9. Jamie says

    Thanks for the running advice. I think that I have been comparing myself to other people too much and feeling bad about being slow/fat/not making enough progress. I need to look at the positive- last year I couldn’t run a mile and now I have built up to four miles (and improving!)

  10. Christin says

    Thanks for your honest and openness about volume eating…I used to eat smaller portions throughout the day, but I just got invisalign, so since I have to take the aligners off to eat and then brush my teeth afterwards every time I eat I am all of a sudden eating Hugh Jass meals fewer times per day…I get so hungry by the time I get to my next meal that I overdo it sometimes. But you are right…there is a lot of merit to choosing less damaging foods when hunger attacks…it is taking some getting used to, but I think by keeping it in perspective and being mindful of what I consume and not just the volume I consume it should help. :)

    Oh yeah, and you rock :)

  11. Katie says

    I have dyed my hair black. The thing is, I grew up naturally dishwater blonde (aka dirty blonde), and it darkened through the years – looking almost naturally black by high school, but has mellowed out to an ashy brown (yeah, sounds hot right? :P). So, I dye it a lot. I was on a black kick for a while but it kept getting darker and darker and yeah, no more. Besides, my skin has become paler and paler with age, so no thank you!

  12. Shanna says

    Loved your video, but it made me wonder – do you whiten your teeth? They’re super white! What’s your secret?

  13. frances says

    Hi Monica, a lurker here….. about comparing with other bloggers, I just wanted to say that I really like how genuine your blog is, it is probably one of the few in which I don’t feel like the blogger is just trying to show off how far and fast she can run, or how perfect her food choices are…. Thanks for being real!

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