Eggs Are The Best Protein


After my fab lunch date I headed back to work. We were having a member appreciation party and had snacks! I love snacks. There were also cookies in the break room. People who bring cookies to work are genius, am I right? Pam gave me these eggs because she knows I’m trying to pump up my protein. I had some before Zumba to fuel me up. I’ve read that gummy eggs are full of … [Read more...]

*Note: Lunch with My Ladies


I know I’m unapologetically biased, but the weather in SoCal has been AMAZING lately. Upper 70s/80s – cool mornings and perfect summer nights *Note: Every time I check the weather here I also check it for the area my in-laws live in Florida since they’re always trying to get us to move out there. Um, yeah. Today I got out of the gym and  met up with my favorite SoCal … [Read more...]

New Rules of Lifting for Women Who Look Like Men


Happy Wednesday! Wait. It’s only Wednesday?! How is this week going by so slow?!?! I had a 7am client and planned on working out after her session. I wasn’t really hungry when I ate this egg sandwich around 6:30am, but knew if I didn’t eat I would skip my workout in favor of coming home for breakfast. You add more ketchup to the sandwich as you take bites, right? At the gym … [Read more...]