Eggs Are The Best Protein

After my fab lunch date I headed back to work. We were having a member appreciation party and had snacks! IMG_6486 (800x600)

I love snacks. There were also cookies in the break room. People who bring cookies to work are genius, am I right?IMG_6487 (800x600)

Pam gave me these eggs because she knows I’m trying to pump up my protein.IMG_6489 (600x800)

I had some before Zumba to fuel me up. I’ve read that gummy eggs are full of protein. Yep, read that on some blog one time Winking smileIMG_6491 (800x600)

I used my latest Manager’s Special to make dinner. IMG_6492 (600x800)

Cheap salad in a throw away bowl!IMG_6494 (600x800)

Dessert was very necessary after today’s busy day!IMG_0136 (800x600)

I’ll see ya in the morning Smile


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    Those kinds of candies, the ones that look like real food, make me gag. I think there is some mental thing that happens where I still expect it to taste like the food it resembles. I know I’m weird no need to inform me :-)

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    I bought those eggs for my fiance last month and told him to eat them because he needed more protein. He was very happy to take me up on them 😉

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