New Rules of Lifting for Women Who Look Like Men

Happy Wednesday! Wait. It’s only Wednesday?! How is this week going by so slow?!?!

I had a 7am client and planned on working out after her session. I wasn’t really hungry when I ate this egg sandwich around 6:30am, but knew if I didn’t eat I would skip my workout in favor of coming home for breakfast.IMG_6478 (600x800)IMG_6477 (600x800)

You add more ketchup to the sandwich as you take bites, right?ketchup on egg sandwich

At the gym I did the first day of the “New Rules of Lifting for Women”. Yes, everyone is doing it and I hate being part of the crowd. But, I know so many girls are afraid they’ll bulk up if they lift weights and I want to see if it’s true firsthand.

I am very manly. I have a low voice, 5 o’clock shadow (on my legs) and gain muscle like a guy. I took this picture after 2 weeks of lifting…IMG_4706 (800x600)

So, I’m going to follow the program for the next 3 months exactly. I’m also going to concentrate on more protein after workouts. If I turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger I’ll let ya know. arnold swarzeneggar(source)

I’m doing starting measurements today and will post them on my weight loss page this week.

I found the first weight lifting session super short – anyone else? I don’t think I chose heavy enough weights and it should be harder.

Anyways, after that I attempted 3 miles on the treadmill and got bored after 2. I cannot believe it! I ran on the treadmill for 1 hour 5 days a week for a year before I ever attempted running outside and now I cannot stand it. Sad times.

I bought this Cottage Cheese with Pineapple yesterday and polished it off for breakfast. If you’ve been reading RER since the beginning God Bless you. Also, you might remember that I was obsessed with oat bran and cottage cheese back in the day. I made a big bowl of oat bran, cc and granola but it looks too gross to show ya.IMG_6482 (800x600)

I also took a few swipes out of the Sunflower Seed Butter jar! Busted!!!actually-you-do(

I have to shower and get back to work! See ya in a bit Smile


  1. says

    I find the New Rules workouts to be quick too, which I love. I am terrible at not doing the rest time between sets which makes them even quicker. But I do find them challenging and I’m sore the day after.

    You definitely need to lift more weight! Did you read the whole book or just go straight to the workouts? He writes about not lifting to muscle failure… just a little less than that is what he recommended. I am not shy about changing weights in the middle of a set if I can tell it’s not heavy enough (or too heavy!).

  2. Haley says

    I’m in the second half of the 1st phase of the lifting book. I also think the workouts are super short but you def got to lift heavy. I was super sore my 1st 2 workouts. I think as you go through the phases, the workouts are longer. Good luck!

  3. Joan says

    I know what you mean about the treadmill, I ran on it for 3 years and just started running outside in March and I LOVE IT!!! I live in Dallas and with 26 days of over 100 degree temps I’m back on the treadmill again and it’s killing me. Maybe by October it will be cool enough to run outside again.

  4. says

    I build muscle SO easily too! Seriously, I could carry a bag of groceries one night and a new muscle would pop up the next am! ok…maybe that is an exaggeration, but I hear ya on the manly muscles!

  5. says

    I’m doing nrolfw and starting stage 2 later this week. Stage 1 when it’s only 2 sets is kinda short but, it gets longer half way through when you add another set. It took me a workout or two to get to the appropriate weights I think, which once there made the workout feel more legit. Can’t wait to see how/if you like it!

  6. says

    Great post girly! I’m also doing the NROLFW program and just started too! I’m keeping progress on my blog too, I just have to say that I didn’t start doing it bc others were, I just happened to find the book on my own at B&N and then later found that tons of ppl were also doing it online. I agree, stage 1 workouts are def. really short and yes you MUST use the heaviest weights possible, and if you do this, you’ll find that you’ll actually start to need those warmup reps (but use light weights for the warmup!)

  7. says

    I started New Rules yesterday! I thought the workout was pretty short too but I got my sweat on, which I liked. I tried to make sure my form was really good for all the moves because I didn’t feel like there were too many reps of each – especially the prone jack-knife – only 8 – I could prob do 50! I am going to keep going and try to challenge myself with the weights as much as I can. Also, having just started out – if I thought my weights were too light, I used that set as a ‘warm-up’ set, increased the weights and did it ‘for real’. :)

  8. says

    thats great! whatever works for you!! i got that book a couple yrs ago its great! I also love the womens health big book of exercises..its amazing!! btw, your arms look awesome!

  9. says

    I love weight lifting! Call me crazy, but I want defined muscles. I don’t care if I look ‘bulked’ up. It shows I’m working hard. I’m tempted to try NROLFW, but for now I stick with BodyPump.

    Also? I love cottage cheese with pineapple.

  10. says

    Stage 1 gets so boring. I just finished it, barely. By the time I got to the last 4 workouts, I didn’t want to do it anymore because I was bored out of my mind. It does get longer and harder if you keep adding weight to it.

  11. Ida says

    I think it’s great that lifting is trending right now. I havent tried the book, but I love crossfit and going heavy.

  12. Nicole says

    YAY! A lifter!!

    I teach BodyPump and one thing that frustrates me to no end are the ladies who think that they will turn into the incredible hulk if they lift more than 6 pounds of ANYTHING. I try to lead by example and lift super heavy when I teach. I’m not busting through the backs of my shirt when I flex my lats. (Hmm….I don’t think I CAN flex my lats….but that’s another issue…) and I try and reassure the women in the class that they likely lift grocery bags that are heavier than what is in their hands.

    Good for you for *Lifting* by Example!

  13. says

    As a former collegiate strength and conditioning coach and a current exercise physiologist (working with the baby boomer population) – I’m so happy to hear about Women lifting weights. The benefits last a lifetime! Starting at age 30 metabolism starts to decrease along with muscle mass. By lifting the bare minimum we’ll just fight the decline but by making strength gains we’ll be fighting the aging process!

    As a collegiate strength coach, my student athletes fought me on getting stronger because they had this illusion that muscles were manly or they would look like a man (humanly impossible!). It’s funny after they graduate, e-mails come in for lifting programs to get back into the shape they were in as an undergrad.

    Now working with the 55 + population they wished they had learned to strength train earlier to prevent the onset of osteoporosis.

  14. says

    I did NROL4W a couple years ago and loved the program! I just recently downloaded his most recent book, New Rules of Lifting For Abs – which is really full body workouts, just adding new/updated exercises – in some of my workouts now. I love Alwyn’s workouts:)

  15. says

    I actually just wrote a post about this on my blog, but I’ve been following the plan for about 7 weeks (I just did workout 3 of stage two), and I’ve seen a huge improvement in my muscle tone and strength. I’m not really following the diet or overall plan, since I’m really focusing on training for a marathon, but I like that it’s simple, fairly short, and not too hard for a weight-lifting newbie to figure out.

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