Butter on My Face

I took a little walk with my new book mid-morning. I’m just a few pages in, but love it so far!

Then, I rehydrated with water (melon).IMG_6515 (800x600)

I’ve been hungry for lunch earlier these last few days so I just went with it.IMG_6521 (800x600)

I also prepped dinner.

Ben’s obsessed with eggplant lately so I picked two up at the store thinking I’d made a tofu stir-fry. But, my schedule didn’t have room for cooking dinner unless it was pre-planned so I decided to try making Asian Style Garlic Eggplant and Tofu in the crock-pot.IMG_6518 (800x600)

Um, yeah. It’s okay. But, the eggplant we get at a local restaurant is amazing, so this is a huge disappointment. Boo.IMG_6528 (800x600)

At least I made a bunch of brown rice to go with it! Then, I went back for seconds of rice with butter. Somehow I managed to spray butter on my face.

At least I wiped it off, unlike Vegas who has been walking around with a dirty face all day.IMG_6524 (800x600)


The stuff on your face.

I have a bunch of evening clients tonight! I’m going to post an update about my Personal Training life soon. Let me know if you have any questions on that topic Smile


  1. says

    question: is spray butter one of those things where you just say what the hell? I used to use it all the time and got enough shit from my boyfriend who kept reading the ingredients to me and so I finally stopped. I actually loved the stuff though…

    just curious on your thoughts.

  2. says

    How do you set up a workout program for your clients? I know you probably base it off of their fitness level but do you really like to do circuits with them? or is there another routine that you generally like to follow with your clients? I know this probably doesn’t make any sense, so I am sorry in advanced. I am just starting out on my own with being a personal trainer, and I would love to hear how other personal trainers set up their programs. Thanks!

  3. says

    I was wondering, did you.do any other preparation other than getting certified to become a personal trainer? Also,honestly are you making any money at it?

  4. Heather says

    Okay completely none of my business but just starting out how is the pay? Is there a base, or is it based upon your clientele? Curious as to how that would work… is there a big sales part to it, I mean like our local Rush is all sales and sadly not a lot of actual training is involved. They want you to be a walking billboard for them and they have to hit so many new members each month so it’s annoying heh.

    ANYWAYS can’t wait to see your post.

  5. says

    Great food photos! The salad look really delicious,. You did a great job on using brown rice for the eggplant dish, really looks appetizing.. I would prepare this one for my niece, a lot of thanks by the way!

  6. Ashley says

    Id live to hear how you are adjusting to the wacky schedule and how annoying you find cancelations. Those two things drove me away from my commercial gym life to the more stable corporate fitness setting

  7. says

    I recently moved to NYC. While I did personal training part time back in Georgia, it was at the university gym. We didn’t have to worry about selling packages, commissions, meeting a certain quota, etc.

    I recently got a job at a national chain gym doing personal training full-time. I haven’t started yet but I am excited (and nervous)! I am most nervous about the selling aspect of it. I am personable and all of my former clients renewed with me several times back in Georgia. I think I will do okay at it but that pressure of meeting a certain quota has me worked up a little. Do you have to deal with this at your job? Is selling as bad as it seems? Do you have any tips to get your clients to sign with you for a package?

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