Headache Medicine

This afternoon I got a random headache at work. This is a no-go for my job so I needed a pick-me-up. I got an iced coffee and hoped for the best.IMG 6535 600x800 thumb Headache Medicine

Nope. It didn’t help. I had 3 more clients before I could call it a night. I finally got home it was after 9pm and my headache was still raging.

Luckily, Ben’s mom sent cookies! I took 2 ibuprofens and 4 cookies. IMG 6539 800x600 thumb Headache Medicine

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Hopefully, I’ll feel better in the morning wlEmoticon winkingsmile22 Headache Medicine


  1. says

    I totally think the new expression should be “take four cookies and call me in the morning.” Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. Christin says

    I am all about cookies…especially with chocolate chips…whether or not a headache is involved…but nothing gets rid of my headaches like excedrine migraine does…I pop a couple and chug a bottle of water…works pretty much every time!

  3. says

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