Eat Before Running (and then eat again after)


This afternoon I hung out with my mom and she practically insisted we get iced coffees. I swear. <insert watermelon and Clif Z bar here> I was pretty munchy today and knew I needed a high volume kinda snack. This means different things on different days. Today it meant a whole bag of popcorn all for me. I leave no kernel unpopped or uneaten. Food Find – The new Extra … [Read more...]

Foot Herpes


Back on June 23rd I complained that there was something in my foot. It didn’t go away so I went to the doctor on July 8th. She said it was probably a splinter and to try and soak it again and pick it out. It didn’t work. So, I went back again today. She warned me that if she had to cut it out it would be very painful and I would potentially scream in bloody murder and scare … [Read more...]

Dead Garmin 305


This morning I went to strap on my Garmin for a 6 mile MP run but it was dead. After freaking out on Ben, Twitter and considering driving to the nearest bridge to jump – I went for my run realizing pace would be a mystery today. I did my go-to 6 mile route and it was no problem. Boo.bMy run was decent considering I started off feeling down. I just need to figure out what to do … [Read more...]