Foot Herpes

Back on June 23rd I complained that there was something in my foot.

It didn’t go away so I went to the doctor on July 8th. She said it was probably a splinter and to try and soak it again and pick it out.

It didn’t work. So, I went back again today.IMG_6555 (800x600)

She warned me that if she had to cut it out it would be very painful and I would potentially scream in bloody murder and scare all the other patients. Noted.

I was scared.IMG_6556 (600x800)

Turns out she thinks it’s a wart (it’s hard to tell because we’ve picked at it twice). And she burned it off. Now I have a hole in my foot. Gross.IMG_6558 (600x800)


After my doctor’s appointment I went to my mom’s and we walked the dogs. When we got back I made a salad beast. There was a short moment of embarrassment when I used my mom’s serving bowl and she thought I made a salad for everyone to share. IMG_6561 (800x600)

Nope. All mine.IMG_6564 (800x600)

I can’t believe I posted this – and I post a lot of embarrassing things!


  1. says

    I had something like that as a kid once, except it was about three times as big and on the side of my foot. They had to freeze it long enough to kill all the cells and then wait until it died to pick it off. #oversharingisovercaring

  2. says

    I had a bunch of plantar warts on my foot when I was like 12 and they killed.
    Love the salad in a serving bowl. I never feel satisfied with a salad (esp as a meal) when it’s in a regular salad bowl. The bigger the better because it’s all about volume!
    Be jealous of me, I’m about to eat my weight in watermelon.

  3. says

    I had a wart 2 years ago – I had to go to the dermatologist like 4 times to have it frozen. Horrible experience.

    I think warts are pretty common although they sound gross.

  4. laura says

    hey! i really enjoy reading your blog =) i wanted to tell you that you look so much like shirley manson. do people tell you that a lot? you are both gorgeous by the way. okay, that is all!

  5. Becki says

    Don’t fret…I got one of those warts in high school from walking in the girls showers bare foot! It looked just like that! it will be gone before you know it but yes, it is weird to have a hole in your foot like that!

  6. says

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the “Salad for Me/Salad for Family” thing. I wasn’t blogging at the time, but I had a minor melt down when my mom divided the chicken for our salads a little more heavily on my dad’s side than mine. And I was 28.

  7. says

    I used to get warts on my feet all the time from living in a college dorm. They are so painful but feel so good to get out. Hope it feels better.

  8. says

    I love your blog! And don’t worry, I think almost everyone has gotten a wart at some point in their lives. It’s really common when you’re a kid. And that salad is nothing to be embarrassed about! My salads reach epic proportions. Using a serving bowl is really just being considerate to your mom because now dressing-covered pieces of your salad won’t go flinging out of a too small bowl.

  9. Pamela says

    Is your black top that Lululemon running top with cutouts along the straps? It looks so lovely on you – could double as a going out shirt!

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