July 2011 Goals Reviewed


I have been craving couscous in a crazy way. Is that weird? Good. Because it goes along with all my other weird characteristics. For dinner I made a massive bowl of couscous, chickpeas, green onions and a made-up sauce (it involves hummus, almonds and tons of salt). It was amazing. It’s July 31st. This month completely raced by for me! I guess I should review my July Goals… … [Read more...]

California Burrito


This morning I woke up to my traditional Sunday breakfast, pancakes This batch came out perfect too! They were thick and fluffy – just like I like it I offered some to Vegas, but he wasn’t interested. Fine. More for me. I had to work this morning and decided to stay for Zumba. Post-class snack was a plum. Then, Ben and I headed to my family’s house. My mom, dad and … [Read more...]