California Burrito

This morning I woke up to my traditional Sunday breakfast, pancakes SmileIMG_6613 (800x533)

This batch came out perfect too! They were thick and fluffy – just like I like it Winking smile

IMG_6616 (800x533)

I offered some to Vegas, but he wasn’t interested. Fine. More for me. IMG_6630 (533x800)

I had to work this morning and decided to stay for Zumba. Post-class snack was a plum.IMG_6632 (600x800)

Then, Ben and I headed to my family’s house. My mom, dad and little brother are going to Hawaii today and we were driving them to the airport. Lucky!

Since we were going to be in Pico during lunch time Ben made sure we stopped at the world’s best burrito place for a California burrito.

For those who aren’t down with the lingo…


French Fries in a burrito = happiness in a tortilla. I stole numerous bites. (This is always a given and I don’t mention it.)IMG_6635 (800x600)

I packed a lunch because I was hungry before we even left! When we got to my mom’s I added a bunch of stuff from her fridge.IMG_6637 (800x600)

I’m sure my mom also thought this salad was for everyone. Wrong again mom.IMG_6638 (600x800)

Dessert <3IMG_6640 (800x600)

Then we headed to the airport for the drop off. Have fun fam!IMG_6649 (800x600)

I’m totally a jelly belly over their trip! But, I actually love the airport and dropping people off/picking up. The excited buzz of airports makes me happy Smile Is that weird?IMG_6652 (800x600)

Post-drop off we went back to my mom’s to walk the perros. I think Roxy is dead tired now.IMG_6654 (600x800)

Added bonus of the day: My mom said we can take any food that will go back over the next week! Given the size of my mom’s fridge, we’re going to be stocking up big time!IMG_6645 (800x600)

Oh, and I’m totally going by the “ice cream goes bad if not eaten in 1 week” rule… IMG_6647 (800x600)Okay, I’ve got to get to “shopping”! See ya in a bit…

Ever had a California Burrito?


  1. says

    I grew up in Azusa and never noticed California Burritos (or carne asada fries for that matter) until I moved to San Diego 10 years ago. Now, I LOVE them and eat them more than I should. (I actually ate one for dinner last night). It’s weird though, because I only eat them in SD. For some reason, it just tastes better here and I have no idea why or how I’ve built that idea up in my head.

  2. says

    That burrito sounds AMAZING!!!!

    I love the Vegas pancake picture! Too funny. :)

    Your mom’s fridge is HUGE, and your arms looks super muscular as you’re reaching across it. That was actually the first thing I noticed – how great your arm looks! Is that weird? Lol.

    Does ice cream not go bad in a week? Mine never lasts that long, so I wouldn’t know…

  3. says

    So I feel like you have discussed this but why on earth is there a need for a fridge that big? I mean are they holding entire animals in there? Not judging…jealous! :-)

  4. says

    I thought for anything to be “California” it had to have guac or avocado. Btw, there is a place in Philly where the “salad” has French fries on it.

  5. says

    I can’t believe I’ve never had a California burrito – and I lived there for ten years. Though, I’d probably have gone with the Cyrus. I love guacamole way more than sour cream.

  6. Lorin says

    Before I became vegetarian I loved California Burritos. I used to get them after basketball practices at this mexican food “train” like thing across from my school. I live in SD so it’s the perfect place to get one. Since I don’t eat meat now I never get it, but that’s one of the things I miss. I think I wouldn’t be able to eat the whole thing though just because I think about more like oh this has way more calories than I should be consuming in one sitting :p. Not that I count, but I have a general idea and I love desserts and eat one every night pretty much, but sometimes you just don’t want to take in 1000 calories in one meal. Love little bites though if I could :)

  7. says

    Andy has an intense love for California Burritos. So so much love. And carne asada fries. Oh man, no where near us has them but whenever we go to SD we get them.

    Aw your family is lucky. Love Hawaii!

    I want your mom’s fridge. It’s so beautiful.

  8. says

    This post made me sick!

    (HOMESICK!) 😉
    I miss California burritos!!! I wonder if they can be shipped overnight? Maybe I should look into that… The Florida panhandle has NO good burritos AT ALL. Total Florida fail.

    So, basically, I have burrito envy. :)

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