July 2011 Goals Reviewed

I have been craving couscous in a crazy way. Is that weird?

Good. Because it goes along with all my other weird characteristics.IMG_6661 (800x533)

For dinner I made a massive bowl of couscous, chickpeas, green onions and a made-up sauce (it involves hummus, almonds and tons of salt). It was amazing.IMG_6663 (800x533)

It’s July 31st. This month completely raced by for me!

I guess I should review my July Goalslife-isnt-a-race(source)

1. Stick to Marathon training program = 4 good runs a week/2 strength sessions/Yoga once. Document runs, strength and stretching. The key here is I have to start pushing myself past the hard parts of my runs.

-> I am okay with how training is coming a long, but know I can push myself harder. I changed training plans shortly after this goal and it took a while to get on board with it. But, it will be the plan I stick with for the rest of training so I plan on sticking to it!

2. No diet soda. This was one of my 2011 resolutions that I keep pushing aside. This month I’m all in.

-> I have cut back significantly. Now I have about 4 a week (as opposed to 4 a day). I don’t really want to cut anything out forever, so I’m thinking about drinking 2 a week max.

3. Eat clean during the work week so I can listen to my body’s signals and not triggers or blood sugar spikes. (Eating clean is different for different peeps, I have my own little definition.)

-> I didn’t stick to eating clean, but I did make a big effort to snack less by having more meal-like snacks that helped. I also noticed that eating more protein in the afternoon has helped a lot. I’m going to try and build on this next month.

At first glance I felt like I failed. But, I am striving for “Progress not Perfection” and feel like I got that in July Smile 

July Highlights:

Almost meeting Adam from Man versus Food!IMG_6227 (800x533)

Then, he tweeted me and our love was set in stone Winking smileimage

In other celebrity news, I got to talk to Carla Hall!

And I took a road trip with Ben, my brother and Heather!IMG_5677 (800x600)

I’d say it was a good month…


  1. says

    Your blog is so fun and lively. I’ve been reading since we met at Munchathon but just had a chance to leave a comment now. Keep up the good work. I like reading about your journey! You’ve inspired me to share more :)

  2. Shanna says

    What a coincidence… my boyfriend and i made couscous tonight too, with stir fry veggies on the side! Couscous + garbanzo beans + lemon juice + cilantro + thyme + cucumbers all in a massive bowl. So delish!

  3. says

    I totally agree “progress not perfection!” It is about the journey not the destination – right?
    I love couscous – especially on salads. *YUM*
    And totally awesome that Adam tweeted you back – so cool!

  4. says

    I’d say it was an awesome month too! I’d die if I met adam from Man V. food. Not going to lie though… I think he looks wayyy bigger in those pictures than he does on the TV. Just sayin’

  5. says

    Love you’re goals. The diet soda one I struggled with last year. It took about 2 months or me to finally kick it because I was a hardcore Diet Coke drinker for almost 20 years (started when I was 12!), drinking 3 – 4 a day. I still miss having it with lunch and dinner, it’s like my wine. Also, the caffeine withdrawal was a killer!

  6. says

    I used to drink one can of 7 up or Sprite per day. When I told someone I was cutting back they said “you only drink one can per day?!”.

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