Lunch Break Blogging


Before my mid-morning client I had a hardboiled egg on the way out the door. After that, I had 45 minutes to come home, eat lunch and blog. Which brings me here… Luckily, my favorite lunch doesn’t require any cooking! A massive salad and Popchips is perfect to me. I realized the calories from this meal were kinda low. Since I have 5 clients back-to-back right now I decided … [Read more...]

Watermelon Redecorating


Happy Monday! I started my day with an easy 4 miler average pace 9:09. No music, just thoughts Then, I came home to an egg burrito and watermelon breakfast. I woke up early and have a busy day so I’m hoping smaller meals through out the day keep me going today! Notice my new placemat??? My mom is an enabler and is encouraging my watermelon obsession! Remember when she … [Read more...]

This Is Why You’re Fat–Costco Edition


Hello! This morning I woke up and was on a mission for pancakes. Oddly, this week I didn’t have french toast every day so I think I had a syrup deficiency. I must admit I was inspired by Jack Johnson’s Banana Pancake song as it’s on my playlist and I heard it at mile 11 yesterday. Yeah, running that long will make you crave anything – but especially pancakes! I used my go-to … [Read more...]

Best Friend and Yogurtland in Pico Rivera


After yesterday’s run I was hungry, but nothing sounded good. I ended up eating half a bag of pistachios while trying to figure out what to eat for lunch. Oops. I ended up making a big smoothie with granola to round out the meal. It may not be the most balanced, but it was delicious. Then, I made an iced coffee at home before heading to my mom’s. Added bonus: I recently stole … [Read more...]

Step Back in Marathon Training and Binging Question


This week called for a step back in long run mileage. Most marathon training programs decrease in mileage every 2 or 3 weeks to let your legs recover. So it will be like 10 miles, 12 miles then down to 8 miles. I planned on 14 today and I’ll go back up to 18 next week. Before my run I fueled by with the usual – SB&J toast. Today I took a long Gatorade and my Spibelt to … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday 7/22/2011


This is a full day of eats in one post I am really digging this style because it’s so easy to see how I’m fueling and if I’m snacking away the day. So Friday is now Foodie Friday – I got this name from Aron from Runner’s Rambles and LOVE it!( Before my crappy 6 miler I had a few handfuls of cereal. I came back to French Toast Friday with tons of Sunflower … [Read more...]

Too Hot To Run?


Happy Friday! Are you doing the Friday Dance? No? Just me? Okay… No dance? How about a “F” for Friday… We are all out of almond milk so I had to use this chocolate soymilk in my iced coffee this morning. Darn I stalled way too long to get out and run so my 6 miles today was a fail. On days I don’t have to get to work early (I don’t go in until 1pm today) I end up doing blog … [Read more...]



I get deliveries fairly often, but today included two particularly great ones!!! I don’t know if I mentioned it here, but my Bodybugg died last week I called the company and a customer service rep tried to walk me through a few ways to fix it. We tried 3 different things, but it still wouldn’t work. (I’m pretty sure my sweaty armpit killed it.) So, they sent me a UPS label to … [Read more...]

Tastes Like Chicken and Zumba Sign Up


Ben came home for lunch today since I don’t have any clients until the evening. We use to do this all the time, but since I started my new life I’ve been working too close to lunch time to make it happen. Vegas decided to join us as well I picked up these new-to-me veggie chick’n patties on clearance the other day… …and chopped them up to go on a salad. I ended up using 2 … [Read more...]

No Ice Iced Coffee


Hello and Happy Thursday I have a mid-length run scheduled for tomorrow and a 10k on Saturday so I’m taking today easy. I’m planning on taking a long walk to catch up with my BFF on the phone in a minute. Breakfast was an egg burrito and tons of watermelon. It’s too good, I can’t stop. And Iced Coffee with no ice We don’t have any ice because our refrigerator broke this … [Read more...]

Run Eat Repeat’s 7 Links


My little peep Melissa from Trying to Heal nominated me to do the “7 Links Post” going around. I am supposed to list links to the following posts: Most Beautiful: This isn’t really a post, but My Wedding tab is my favorite in terms of love beauty and aesthetic beauty. But if I’m playing by the rules… Monica and Ben. Most Popular: 1. I have a couple of posts that are close in … [Read more...]

The Watermelon Heart


Do you know what a watermelon heart is? No, it’s not what my heart is turning into since I am on my second watermelon of the week and it’s only Wednesday! Even though I wouldn’t be surprised or made if my heart was made of h2o melon! This is love. No, the watermelon heart is found when you cut it in half and one side has a big ol’ heart sticking out… See? This is a … [Read more...]

Slowlivas to Speedy Olivas


I’ll recap last night’s show in a bit – but I’m rushed to get out the door so here is this morning… I woke up and made Ben a yogurt bowl before my run. Sounds nice, but my real motive was to try some of the new granola Love Grown Foods sent. Then, I warmed up with some cat dancing… He likes it. I think. I’m wearing shorts again. I’ve decided shorts work for runs of 4 miles … [Read more...]

Eat This Now–Chocolate Sunflower Butter Snack


I’ve been out of Sunflower Seed Butter for a couple weeks and didn’t want to let myself buy any more because I was going through a jar in less than 1 week! But, I caved and got more today. (It’s $3.99 at Trader Joes.) Spread a generous amount of sunflower butter on a piece of bread. Sprinkle on some chocolate chips. Melt or toast in a microwave/toaster oven. Eat.This.Now. … [Read more...]

Summer Chafing is Back


Hello and Happy Tuesday! This morning I realized I switched my training days on accident and should have 8 miles on the agenda today (tomorrow is 4 and Zumba). So, I took along my water bottle and attempted 8 hot miles… Unfortunately, I only made it 7.77 and they were super slow. Average pace was 9:22 / mile. I didn’t even realize how sweaty I was until I got back and scared … [Read more...]

Giveaway – Food Cures by Joy Bauer


I had an evening client so I ate dinner a bit early and came home to a big ol’ smoothie. If you’re new around these parts here is my Green Monster Recipe. If you want a dessert-y smoothie try the one on my recipe page. I say it every single time but taste in protein powder varies greatly, so you hafta find one that you love. That’s what really “makes” a good smoothie. … [Read more...]