Drink Your Pie


Traveling to Blogher and HLS coupled with marathon training has put a big damper on date night with Ben. So we decided to have a mid-week date. We walked to a local Peruvian place. Unfashionable Tip: If you ever wonder what’s on sale at Target this week. Check to see if I have anything new. Today’s clearance find is that messenger bag. If you’ve had Peruvian food you know … [Read more...]

Watermelon Cat


Mid-morning I got hungry and dug into the cashew stash. 23 are a serving. I know because I checked after eating 47. This may be my last diet DP for a while so I thought I’d document it. I was pretty excited until I realized they filled up the entire cup with ice. It’s hard to tell, but it’s 1 inch below the rim. C’mon! Reader Jessica sent me the most amazing cat eating … [Read more...]

My Favorite IT Band Stretch


Happy Wednesday! I had a tempo run on the schedule today but felt really sluggish. Instead of skipping it I decided to just do my best and accept that my miles wouldn’t  be that fast. I was aiming to make them just a bit faster than usual. 6 miles – 52:40 Average Pace 8:46 Mile 1: 9:20 Mile 2: 8:35 Mile 3: 8:46 Mile 4: 8:19 (back down hill) Mile 5: 8:34 … [Read more...]

Ben Is Better


I worked 4 to 8pm today, so I packed a snack in between clients since that’s my usual hungry time. I can’t decide if I love or hate this bar. I got this from the HLS swag bag, but had tried it before. The chocolate flavor is delicious, but the consistency is stale (it’s not just a stale bar as I’ve tried them before). By the time I got home I was super hungry and threw … [Read more...]

Beer and Toilet Paper


Ben came home for lunch, but since my breakfast was so late I wasn’t hungry just yet. I ended up stealing a bite of his sandwich, some chips and bell pepper strips. Then, I made a quick trip to Costco for WATERMELON. I was excited. I keep meaning to follow that “No Free Food” rule. But I refuse to turn down samples of sweet potato fries and Zone bars. Other Costco needs – … [Read more...]

Time and Temperature


Happy Tuesday!!! I am super busted because I woke up early to run (beat the heat!), but ended up getting sucked into emails for 45 minutes. Then, my best friend in the world Cindy called and we HAD TO chat.She got engaged this weekend!!! So, we have a ton to discuss. But, is it funny that we mainly talked about the Bachelorette Party and exercise? She wants me to create a … [Read more...]

I’m Thick Like My Smoothies


Hello! I don’t know what compelled me to buy blue eyeliner last week, but I decided to give it a test run today. I thought it was a little weird at first, but I think I like it I think the key is to make everything else neutral so you don’t look like a hoochie. But, if you are a hooch definitely lay it on thick – how else you gonna advertise? Today we had a big end of … [Read more...]

Running and Sleeping and Fueling


I’ve gotten a few emails in the last few weeks about readers/runners feeling extra tired after their runs. The timing is funny because I took a short nap after my long run this weekend. I don’t consider myself a “nap person” and Ben and I have had fights about this (like when he wants to take a lazy Saturday nap and I want to do 56 other things).(nataliedee.com) But, sometimes … [Read more...]

Monday Mini Goals–August 29


Hello and Happy Monday! Despite my tiring day of Zumba training I stayed up late to watch the MTV Music Video Awards. Listening to Adele sing hurts my heart – but in a good way, you know? I woke up this morning feeling okay – my neck is a little better, but my IT band is super stiff. So, I’m going to skip the run today and take a leisurely walk with a magazine. Then, I’ll make … [Read more...]

Zumba Certification


I got my Zumba Certification today! Getting Zumba certified is a lot different from getting the personal training certification. It’s a lot easier book learning wise, but a lot harder sweat wise! There are many different kinds of Zumba – Basic, Gold, Toning, Aqua and Kids. You have to start with Basic. It’s an all day training led by one of the master instructors. My … [Read more...]

Zumba Fuel


Yesterday on my long run I had a weird neck spasm thing. It started bothering me last night so I put a hot pad on it. And I’m headed off to my Zumba certification workshop so I just took some Ibuprofen. But, does anyone have any other suggestions? Ben and I woke up a little after 5am for some reason and tossed and turned until we decided to just get up. I don’t have to be at … [Read more...]

The Whole Chipotle


We had plans to go to my mom’s this afternoon so I grabbed lunch on the way. My body was very clear that it needed Whole Foods and who am I to second guess the craving?! I got my favorite detox juice, but they mixed the wheat grass in so it wasn’t very good. I normally like to just take the shot and get it over with. The grass inside gave it an earthy taste the whole time. I … [Read more...]

Some Girls Want Flowers, I Want Ice


Happy Saturday! Before I forget, last night I made an awesome fruit salad with plums, watermelon, naners and pineapple cottage cheese. Oh, and lots of Puffins. I was carb loading, always am really I set my alarm for 5:16am to try and get running before it got too hot. I’m in Southern California and we’ve had a really mild summer (hasn’t even got above 95), but the heat is … [Read more...]

Surprise Blood Test


It’s been almost a month since I went to the doctor for the foot herp. The physician’s assistant did a treatment, but it never fully went away. And actually it started to come back. Boo. So, I went back today to see my doctor (who I love!). She said we were going to “burn the sht out of it”. And we did. But, I’ll still need to go back in a week for a follow up. We had time to … [Read more...]

For The Blog


I’m willing to do a a lot of things for RER. For example, I’m willing to set a timer on top of my car and take a picture with a watermelon in the Costco parking lot. Hey -It takes effort to hold a 56 pound melon while ignoring the whispers, “What is that girl doing?! I’m willing to take pictures of the green plums I found at the Farmer’s Market today. They’re ripe and sweet … [Read more...]

Peach Cobbler and Egg Patty Tip


Happy Friday!!! I decided not to run today to keep my legs fresh for tomorrows loooooong run. Last night I was contemplating dessert when I realized the peaches I bought are not sweet, but were going bad. I decided to cook up an impromptu peach cobbler. But since I am not a butcher, baker or candle stick maker I just made it up. 1.  I cut up the peaches and layered them on … [Read more...]