Personal Training Questions Part I

I have a crazy schedule today so I busted out the crock pot for dinner. Actually this is going to be Ben’s dinner and I’ll eat leftovers. But, I wanted to mention it because this is a lifesaver if you are busy! Plus, someone asked what size slow cooker I have – it’s a 5 quart. And today it’s filled with pot roast, potatoes, carrots, spices and an inch of vegetable broth. … [Read more...]

Welcome to August 2011


I had a 7am client this morning, so I set my alarm for 5:40am to get in 4 miles before heading to work. Done and done Since I took a little too long getting out the door for my run I had to eat breakfast on the go! Nothing like a green smoothie in the car on a Monday morning… After my client I did my own strength work out. I was about to head to the near by coffee shop to … [Read more...]