Ask a Monican #15

Monica from Run Eat Repeat talks about: Getting pimples from a running hat. Stopping your Garmin for walking breaks, pee stops and short naps under a shady tree. What's up with you mom and dad getting married?!?! If you have a question for this Monican – email me runeatrepeat at gmail dot com. … [Read more...]

How To Eat a Bell Pepper


I had a meeting at work this afternoon and was hungry (story of my life) and I was running late (the sequel to story of my life). Since I wanted a “real lunch” as soon as I was done I decided to grab a veggie to keep my stomach quiet until then. Did you know you’re supposed to eat bell peppers like apples?!No of course you didn’t, because that’s weird. Biting right into it … [Read more...]

Protein Pancakes Win Every time


Sorry I was MIA last night. Ben and I got a letter from a scary government office that required extensive research, paper pushing and freaking out. That’s all I can say for now God help us. I realized that I had 2 dinners yesterday! Dinner #1 was eaten before my 6pm client. It was leftovers from Sunday night with an egg on top. I was craving an over easy egg like crazy! It … [Read more...]