Protein Pancakes Win Every time

Sorry I was MIA last night. Ben and I got a letter from a scary government office that required extensive research, paper pushing and freaking out. That’s all I can say for now wlEmoticon sadsmile Protein Pancakes Win Every time God help us.

I realized that I had 2 dinners yesterday! Dinner #1 was eaten before my 6pm client. It was leftovers from Sunday night with an egg on top. I was craving an over easy egg like crazy! It was extra delicious because of that wlEmoticon smile3 Protein Pancakes Win Every timeIMG 6685 800x600 thumb Protein Pancakes Win Every time

Dessert was yogurt and granola. The yogurt was gross, but the granola was fantastic. Kinda evens out, right? (Not really.)IMG 6687 800x600 thumb Protein Pancakes Win Every time

Dinner #2 was unpictured. So, I’ll let it remain a mystery wlEmoticon smile3 Protein Pancakes Win Every time

This morning involved more stress about above mentioned letter. I finally went on my run but halfway through had to make a call to set up an appointment. That led to another call and I ended up walking most of the second half. Oh well. At least we have an appointment to get more info now.

Back home I distracted myself with an amazing batch of pancakes wlEmoticon smile3 Protein Pancakes Win Every timeIMG 6692 800x533 thumb Protein Pancakes Win Every time

The $$$ shot wlEmoticon winkingsmile1 Protein Pancakes Win Every timeIMG 6696 800x533 thumb Protein Pancakes Win Every time

I was a complete mess yesterday and walked around with a shark fin for  most of the day. See it on the side? IMG 6678 600x800 thumb Protein Pancakes Win Every time

Do you call a piece of hair sticking out of your pony tail a “shark fin” too? Mean girls in HS used to pull each other’s hair out and yell, “Shark Fin!” And that’s how I learned it.  tiger shark thumb Protein Pancakes Win Every time(

Question: Got a shark fin? Eaten shark? Had a dream that you’ve been eaten by a shark?

I always have shark fins. Just call me a tiger shark!

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      • Ashley C says

        That’s funny you guys alll say the carbmaster yogurts nasty because anyone who tries mine says the same thing but i eat it all the time and like it lol.

  1. says

    glad you said that carb yogurt tasted bad thats totally something i would have tried!

    i havent had any weird dreams about sharks but i am lovin me some shark week this week!!

  2. Megan S. says

    It is Shark Week and all! I think my friends and I used to call them tacos…not sure why, shark fin seems more fitting! I did have a dream about sharks, but I think it’s because Discovery Channel sucked me in with their crazy shows in the evening/night

    Hope everything will work out with this scary letter you got!

  3. says

    Sorry about your scary government letter. The government sure does know how to put a damper on things. I hope you get everything squared away as painlessly as possible.

    I’ve never heard of a hair shark fin before; I learn something new practically every day here on Run Eat Repeat. :)

  4. says

    You guys are really Canadian, aren’t you? Deportation? Just kidding. I hope things end up okay- that kind of stuff usually seems so scary at first (and it seems like you always get the news after the offices are closed) but usually works out. You guys seem like pretty legit people. Good luck!

  5. says

    I get shark fins all the time and no one ever points them out except my husband (at the end of the day, when I’ve walked around all day thinking I’m cute). They’re kind of like spinach in the teeth; eople see it but never feel comfortable pointing it out.

  6. says

    There was a guy that I had an uber huge crush on that when he spiked his hair he had a funny piece in the back that stood up and we called it a shark fin. That was also his code name.

  7. says

    hahaha I call it a shark fin too! Also when someone forgot about a piece of their hair and it was left out of the ponytail we said it was a rattail…gross, but that is kind of what it looked like.
    Kids are so mean.

  8. says

    Yikes! Hope your letter is less ominous than it sounds and you & Ben are done dealing with it soon!

    I love idea of the Shark Fin. I’ve never had a name for those annoying little bumps of hair, and now I do. yay!

  9. says

    I made protein pancakes for dinner last night while Michael fixed a sandwich and he looked over at me and said “You had pancakes? I would have had pancakes..are they healthy?” and I happily told him they had over 30 g of protein. :P Definitely made him jealous! haha

  10. says

    ha, I really thought you were going to say you were carrying around an actual shark fin in honor of shark week. Yes, I have messy ponies all the time. It is what it is :)

  11. Christin says

    To quote Empire Records: “Damn the Man, save the (Monican!)” Hope everything is OK with that letter…you have a whole lotta blggers ready kick some booty if needed :)

    Love the sharks fins…mind over matter!!!

  12. Nicole says

    Yucky Yogurt? Oh no. That’s a shame!

    Here’s my dessert every night (seriously – even if I go out and have dessert after dinner, I still will come home and eat this….my day doesn’t feel right without it!)

    Vanilla Carbmaster Yogurt (not the flavor you got) + Spoonful of Peanut or Almond Butter. Nom nom nom! I dare you to eat just one!! :D

  13. says

    We played the shark fin game in cheerleading. except we did it on top of the head and called it rooster. SO cool. My hair is too flat/thin to sport a messy pony.

  14. says

    Hope everything is alright for you and Ben!

    I end up with the shark tail when I fall asleep in the car and my head leans back on the seat.

  15. says

    Get sharkfins ALL THE TIME! Especially when I try to put my hair up all ninja like in the middle of Zumba!
    I’ve eaten shark fin….in soup….it’s really good. But this was a while ago, before murdering sharks was a big deal.

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