Watermelon and Cherries


How’s your Wednesday going? I’m sure you know what I’ve been up to… Even though I was hungry after my mid-morning clients I stayed for 2 dances of the noon Zumba class. It was my fave instructor, and it was Zumba Gold – so I figured I could handle it. Then, I rushed home to EAT. Please note that my salad bowl bucket is almost bigger than my placemat. You say “Tragic” I say … [Read more...]

National Watermelon Day!!!


Today is my my favorite day of the year = National Watermelon Day!!! Instead of a cat dance I did a watermelon dance this morning   Before I began celebrating this very important holiday I attempted a tempo run. I say “attempted” because I did not feel fast today and really struggled I did the same route as last weeks tempo – 1 mile warm up, 4 tempo (tried at least), 1 … [Read more...]