Confession Thursday: I want to be chubby


Jesus is probably busy with real problems so I’ll confess this stuff to you…( 1. I eat at least 5 calcium chews a day. But, with the way my Costco pack is dwindling, I suspect more… 2. I don’t feel like I belong in the category “healthy living blog”. I feel like I ‘get’ weight loss or at least former weight loss blogs like Roni’s more than any other kinds. I … [Read more...]

6am Burritos and No Shower


I didn’t come back for a dinner visit blog last night because I had a client until 8:30pm then came home and tried to do some other work. Then, this morning I woke up for a 7am client. But first – a burrito I ate the whole thing and did not throw it out my window… After my fun client (we play on the Bosu!) I did some strength and considered cardio. Um, nah. I have 2 big … [Read more...]